Kilometer Zero Moscow Attraction

Kilometer zero in moscow

I have a fascination with “Kilometer Zero” and people always look at me strangely when I ask: “Excuse me but where can I find Kilometer Zero?  Most people don`t know that it exists or what it is and frankly many don`t care.

Kilometer Zero Moscow. Make a wish and throw a coin.
Kilometer Zero Moscow. Make a wish and throw a coin.

What is Kilometer Zero?

Kilometer zero is the point in a city where all distances are measured from. Many years ago I saw the one in Paris and dedicated a blog post to it. Then by accident I discovered it in Moscow, close to the famous Iberian Gate at the entrance to Red Square. I bet many tourists walk right past it and doesn’t know what it is. I did and only discovered it on my 3rd visit to Moscow. It is marked by a simple bronze plaque that is mounted to the ground.

The initial thought was to put the mark on Red Square between Lenin`s Mausoleum and GUM. I am happy they decided to put it here.

Making a wish in Moscow

I watched a group of people gathering around the plaque. A young girl was standing on it and with eyes closed she threw a coin over her shoulder. The spectators were smiling. Yes, this is the place where Muscovites and visitors come to make a wish. The trick is to throw the coin over your shoulder and it needs to land in the bronze circle. If it does, then you will be blessed with good fortune.

There are always people hanging around to pick up coins when nobody is watching. According to Russian superstition these coins carry negative energy if they were thrown by a bad person. If you decide to pick it up then it will cause sickness.

Did I make a wish? No, but maybe next time I will stand on the plaque myself.

Where to find kilometer zero Moscow?

The bronze plaque can be found right in front of the Iberian Chapel in a passage that connects Red Square and Manege Square. The Iberian Chapel is next to the famous Resurrection Gate or Iberian Gate. It is flanked by the State Historical Museum and the City Duma.

Where: Moscow, Russian Federation

When: May 2012

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  1. This is fascinating nelieta! I know many places in europe where you can make wishes at fountains. this is something new to me. I would like to visit Moscow one day!

    1. Hi Dan, thank you so much! Yes, I remember seeing many fountains in Europe where you could throw a coin and make a wish. I hope you can make it to Moscow one day. It is such a beautiful and fascinating city!

    1. Hi Sherry, yes it is! I was busy taking so many photos that I completely forgot to make a wish. Next time I will do it for sure 🙂 You are quite right! I only see now how many young people there were. Thank you for the visit.

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