La Tienda de Cafe – San Telmo

I met my friends for breakfast at Tiende de Café in San Telmo. It is an excellent café where you can have a good cup of coffee, roasted on the spot, from Arabian beans originating in Colombia and Brazil.

The café was busy. I loved the atmosphere and the smell. I was a little disappointed when we placed the order and 3 things on the menu were not available. We settled for a combo with medialunas and coffee. This was delicious and very fresh!

It is a typical Argentinian coffee shop where people read the paper, relax and enjoy a good conversation. One of the things I love about Argentinian coffee shops and restaurants – they are in no hurry to get you out. You stay for as long as you want.

Apart from a variety of coffees on the menu they also have gourmet sandwiches, quiche, salads and pastries. I believe they also sell coffee bags, so you can enjoy it at home.

I just want to add that locals (my friend Hendrik and his wife Laura) have recommended this cafe. It is always good to trust the locals. They know all the best places and I would have missed this gem if it weren’t for them! A great choice my friends!

Where: Capital Federal, Buenos Aires
When: 25 May 2010

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