Lavender Cottage Coffee Shop in Vanderbijlpark

Coffee shop,Lavender Coffee shop,Vanderbijlpark,Menu Lavender Coffee Shop

Lavender Coffee Shop is one of a kind. I fell in love with it the moment I walked through the door. My friend Anita introduced me to this gem when I was in South Africa. We met up with a couple of school friends and everyone was impressed.

Lavender coffee shop in Vanderbijlpark
Our group of school friends.

Everything about the place is inviting. The decor is beautiful and the walls are painted in a soft lilac. The owner has done a magnificent job, creating a feminine and warm atmosphere. Her attention to detail is incredible. You cannot help but noticing it – from the menu to the bathroom.

They sell home-made jam, teddy bears, table runners, lamps, arts and crafts and other interesting things.

Lavender coffee shop in Vanderbijlpark
The menu all in purple and pastel colours.

We ordered their speciality, the Lavender Coffee, which was delicious. Then we decided to get something to eat. It was very difficult to decide from the wide variety they have available on the menu. I settled for a sandwich with avocado, cheese and chicken. When my plate arrived I couldn’t believe my eyes. Great effort has been put into the detail and again I was not disappointed!

Coffee shop,Lavender Coffee shop,Vanderbijlpark,Menu Lavender Coffee Shop
My lunch!

What I really loved about the Lavender is the fact that nobody wanted to kick us out! We had a great time catching up on the good old days without feeling pressured to pay the bill and leave. As a matter of fact, we ordered another Lavender coffee after the bill had been prepared!

I highly recommend this superb coffee shop when you find yourself in the area. I was so impressed I went back a second time just before I came back to Argentina. You will not be disappointed!

Where: Vanderbijlpark,South Africa

When: 2 June 2010

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    1. Hi Tbaoo, yes and it was delicious!! Njam,njam! I was remembering this moment and thought I would share it. Love your moment and I left a comment. The picture is beautiful and I like the colours!!

    1. I love avocado but they are hard to find here in Argentina and very expensive! Hmmm avo with a little salt and pepper is really yummie!!!

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