Getting around in a London Black Taxi

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Getting around London in a famous london black taxi

A trip to London is not complete without a ride in a famous black taxi. These black cabs are London`s official taxis and they have been in the city for many years. In fact they are so popular that you can now rent a cab with your own driver and explore the city and famous landmarks at your own pace and convenience. The taxi drivers are very knowledgeable and know the ins-and-outs of the city.

London Black Taxi;London Black Cab;London Taxis;London Taxi;London Taxi Company;Taxi London;Taxi Fare Calculator
The famous London Black Taxi.

When I visited London in 2004 I was so eager to take a ride in a London Black Cab. I planned to visit the theatre one evening and a woman that I met in the hotel suggested that we take a black cab and split the costs. Riding through the streets of London in a famous black cab was definitely a highlight for me.

where to find a black taxi?

They can be hailed at any place in the street or at designated ranks in the city. You will always find them at the Airport, Tube,  Rail and Bus Stations. It is also possible to book a cab in advance by telephone.

[ale_alert style=”red”] Did you know? Only taxis or black cabs can be stopped by customers and can pick up off the street. [/ale_alert]

Cab fares and important information

All black cabs are metered and start at a fixed rate. Additional charges apply on Christmas Day and New Year`s Eve. Credit and Debit cards are accepted but a service fee is charged.

It is normal to tip the drivers but it is common among Londoners to round it off to the nearest pound. However, you are welcome to tip more if you want to.

[ale_alert style=”red”] Did you know? Evening rates in London is more expensive. [/ale_alert]

If you are interested to know how much a trip will cost then you could consult an online Taxi Fare Calculator.

london black taxis and disabled passengers

All London`s Black Cabs are wheelchair friendly and is equipped with ramps. They also transfer assistance dogs for free.

taxi service for women

If you are a woman and travelling alone to London you might be interested in using the service of a company called Lady Mini Cabs. They cater exclusively for women and all taxi drivers are also women. This is a very safe alternative especially if you are travelling late at night.

[ale_alert style=”red”] Lady Mini Cabs can be booked at 020 7272 3300 [/ale_alert]

gypsy cabs in london

Gypsy cabs are common in Central London. They are unmarked vehicles and not licensed. You might be tempted to use their service but please take note that they are uninsured and carry no records of passengers. If something goes wrong you will be unable to locate the driver or institute a claim. Rather book a taxi through a licensed company.


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  1. I love the london black cabs! It was one of the first things I did when I arrived in london. they are pricy but you have to go for a ride in one of them. thanks for bringing back nice memories Nelmi!

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