Mishandled luggage by Airlines

Checking in Luggage at the Airport,Airline baggage claims,Mishandled Luggage,Luggage claims,Airline Baggage Claims

Mishandled luggage by Airlines

Your luggage is weighed,tagged and ready to leave the check-in counter on a conveyor belt to the airplane. Hopefully you will be reunited with your luggage at the carousel at the end of your journey. Most people worry about the criminal element who could tamper with their suitcases or that it will get lost.

Checking in Luggage at the Airport,Airline baggage claims,Mishandled Luggage,Luggage claims,Airline Baggage Claims
Checking in your precious cargo.

I am passed that stage. What I am worried about is the condition in which I will receive my luggage. I have good reason to be worried and frankly so should you.

Want to know what happens to your luggage once it leaves the check-in counter? Have a look at the video clip. Here you can see how American Airlines handle the bags of their customers. It is shocking!

Recently I found myself in a situation where my luggage was mishandled by the staff of the Airline.

Tired after a very long flight, I anxiously awaited my suitcase at the carousel. I had my bag wrapped in Bangkok to prevent thieves from going through my things. The plastic was still around the bag but the wheels were broken off. Again!

People looked at my bag and at me and I lost it. In fact it has happened so many times that I didn`t care what time it was or how jet-lagged I felt. I had to take action.

I immediately found a representative for Emirates and showed her the damage. First she told me that my bag is not insured because it was standing on a metal trolley. Luckily I remembered that the guy at the check-in counter asked me to check my bag in at the oversize counter because of the trolley.

What actions can you take when the airline mishandled and damaged your luggage?

First I took photos of the damages and then I followed her to make a formal complaint. She asked me a couple of questions and took down my details. I need to get a quotation to have the bag fixed, scan and email it to them and then they will approve it and pay the money into my account. I will keep you updated on the status of the claim.

I am glad that I took the time to make the complaint. So often we let these things go and lose a lot of money. Suitcases and bags are very expensive and we trust the Airlines to handle them with care. Fact is that they don`t. I will not be surprised if Airlines add a disclaimer about `No responsibility` for damaged luggage in the near future.

For all the gadget lovers out there. A new GPS device is available that can be discreetly added to your luggage to track it. I think it is a really handy tool if you have had bad experiences in the past with lost luggage.

When: 15 March 2013

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