Luzhkov Bridge Tourist Attraction in Moscow

Luzhkov Bridge; Luzhkov Bridge Moscow; Tourist Attractions in Moscow; Nelmitravel;

Luzhkov Bridge in Moscow where Brides and Grooms seal their love.

On our way back from a visit to the Tretyakov Gallery , we passed the Luzhkov Bridge. It was getting dark and I was pleasently surprised to see so many people there. Then I saw it. Rows and rows of metal trees with thousands of colourful, engraved love locks hanging on them. It is truly a lovely sight. In the background you have a view of the city, golden domes and church towers. To your right you have the canal and a statue of Peter The Great. Romantic indeed and the ideal place to pledge your love.

Love is all around.

Brides and grooms come here to hang their locks and to take wedding pictures.  The Luzhkov Bridge is extremely popular in summer months and you will find a lot of bridal parties coming here. They bring their padlocks, engraved with their names and wedding date and hang it onto one of the metal love trees.

History of the Luzhkov Bridge and the tradition of hanging locks.

The pedestrian single-arched bridge was built in 1994 when Mr. Luzhkov was the mayor of Moscow. Many people believe that the bridge was named after him but that is not the case. The official version is that the bridge was named after Lunow Kokoro who was here in Moscow in the 18th century. The bridge became very popular for photo shoots especially among newlyweds. The story goes that a newlywed couple came here to hang a padlock on the rail of the Luzhkov Bridge. It was a symbol for their love and vows.

Within a few weeks the bridge railings were covered in love locks. This was obviously a problem for the city and they wanted to get rid of them. However, they understood the tradition and symbolic meaning and decided to construct the metal trees. They transferred the original padlocks to the trees and encouraged Moscovites to start using the trees. The first metal tree was planted in 2007. Now they can be seen on the Bolotnaya embankment and are still expanding.

Luzhkov Bridge; Luzhkov Bridge Moscow; Tourist Attractions in Moscow; Nelmitravel;
Luzhkov Bridge in Moscow

They look very elegant and are very popular among tourists. Among young Russians it has become a tradition. I have seen these treasured locks of happiness and love in various cities in Russia. They always bring a smile to my face.

When is the best time to visit the Luzhkov Bridge?

The best time to visit is on weekdays when there are no crowds. If you want to see beautiful brides then I suggest you visit on a Saturday afternoon. During the week you can walk on the bridge, admire the beautiful views of Moscow or sit on a bench in the park at Bolotnaya Square.

Luzhkov Bridge; Luzhkov Bridge Moscow; Tourist Attractions in Moscow; Nelmitravel;
A crowded Luzhkov Bridge in Moscow.

Address: Luzhkov Bridge, Moscow

Direction: Metro Line 2, 6, or 8 to Tretyakovskaya Station

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