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Madrid Tourist Travel Pass, Madrid Transport, Madrid Metro, Madrid

The Madrid Tourist Travel Pass and it’s benefits.

The Madrid Tourist Travel Pass is a cost effective way to use the Public Transport System. A day travel pass will cost you 8 Euros. Why do I say it is cost effective? If you take into account that a single metro ticket is costing 1 Euro and a metro ticket from the airport costs 2 Euros, then this is an excellent opportunity to save money.

How does the Madrid Tourist Travel Pass work?

The Madrid Tourist travel Pass is valid for all of Madrid’s Bus and metro services, within in the city. Included are the local suburban trains and inner-city light railway. There are two types of travel passes: Zone A and Zone T. Zone A will suffice for Madrid City Center and the Airport and Zone T includes areas outside of Madrid. Zone T is more expensive because it covers a wider area. The Madrid Travel Pass can be purchased for 1 and up to 7 days. Children under 11 years pay half-price. The travel pass can be purchased online and either send to your home or it can be collected at various points throughout the city, including at the airport.

Madrid Tourist Travel Pass, Madrid Transport, Madrid Metro, Madrid
Madrid Tourist Travel Pass

The card comes sealed inside a plastic bag and it includes a detailed map of the Metro, bus and train system. They also include a map with tourist attractions and instructions on how to use the and activate the Travel Pass. Once the card is activated (with your passport number) an expiry date will be printed on the back. The card will be valid until 5am on the day after the expiry date. This is excellent if you want to use the late nocturnal transport service or if you have to travel very early to the airport.

I purchased my Madrid Travel Pass online from Neo Experience and had the option to pay with Paypal, After printing the voucher, I can now present and activate it when we arrive at Madrid airport. Once we are in Madrid, I will write a paragraph or more to explain how the activation worked as well as the ease of having this done at the airport.

Important update to this post.

We arrived early at Barajas Airport in Madrid and found the Neo Experience Stand where we could pick our passes up. We waited there for an hour and inquired at various places when they will open. The website said 7.30. At 8.30 we decided to go to the other office in T2, which was quite a way to get there. We arrived there just before 9 and that was when the offices opened. We waited until they opened.

The procedure to get your pass is simple. When you book your pass online there is a barcode which they need. They also ask for your passport and you get issued with the pass. We didn´t get a map or any other information. This ticket you use for buses, trains and metro. Remember to insert it into the ticket machines whenever you use public transport.

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