Making memories in a Moscow park

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Moscow has beautiful parks and on a sunny day young and old are soaking up the sun and enjoying the time. We visited Moscow in the spring but it was still very cold. I can just imagine how wonderful it must have been for the Muscovites to enjoy a sunny day in the park after the cold winter.Andrey and I spent many hours walking in different parks and photographing people. Most of them were completely unaware that we were taking photos which made it so much more rewarding.One specific day we had to deliver a package to an unknown woman.

She was a friend of a friend and was dying for Argentina´s Dulce de leche. We have been carrying a huge bottle with us, all the way from Argentina and today she was finally meeting us to relieve me of this temptation. She was running late and we decided to use the opportunity and experience parks like the people from Moscow.

It was so interesting to watch the people. I have mentioned before how beautiful the women are and I couldn´t take enough photos. A young girl and her friend was sitting in the park taking photos of each other with a cellphone. I snapped them.

Girls in a Moscow Park

A man and a women deep in conversation came walking up to me. They made a lovely couple and her arm was hooked in by his. I got a warm and fuzzy feeling as I looked at them and then at my husband. I also want to grow old with him.I snapped them too.

Couple walking in Moscow Park

My lens followed the couple as they walked past me and suddenly I saw a mother and her child on the grass. She was feeding him a banana but he was not interested in eating. She kept on trying and eventually ate the snack herself. I smiled because in her hand she had an apple with teeth marks. Evidently he was also not in the mood to eat the apple.

A mother and son in the park in Moscow

A group of girls were eating ice cream. One of the things that are enjoyed everywhere in the world. Language is not important when you enjoy an ice cream – the taste buds do the talking!

Girls eating icecream in Moscow Park

It was time to meet the pregnant fairy. Oh did I mention she was pregnant? She had the cravings and nobody makes a pregnant woman wait who has cravings!

Interestingly the same woman and her son visited our hostel this year. She has moved to Buenos Aires and now lives here permanently. She still likes Dulce de Leche!

Date visited: 25 April 2008
Where: Moscow, Russia

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  1. Impressive I mean really impressive!!! You really have a great eye more so then others out here. Your candids capture a moment and your B&W have a great range of tones ( it is amazing how great exposure will do that lol) Your DOF is really great and makes the subject pop out from the background! Technically these are wonderful but more important your eye caught a decisive moment a look between people or an action!! Really loved seeing these. Your photographic skills should be honed your really quite good!!!

  2. it is always interesting when subjects are unaware of their capture in a lens. expressions come out to be very natural. each picture shared different moments or human relations. loved the pictures and the presentation.

  3. The black and white make the pictures appear as if they were from a different era. Loved the feel. I loved the description that went with each picture and the people in the pictures look ethereal washed by the light. I could imagine you taking these pictures in a warm and sunny day. How late did your friend come to meet you? Hope she was great company.Have a lovely week ahead.Joy always,Susan

  4. A great series of candid pics. Something I haven't got into , probably because my travels have been to places where there ain't many people, and elephants don't stand around eating ice cream like that!

  5. Thank you Sweepy. Yes some of my ´newer´posts will include more people. I had many opportunities in Russia to photograph people. They obviously form part of my travel experiences but from a different perspective. My older posts will focus more on the landmarks because back then I was more fascinated by the buildings. i guess I have also grown as a traveller and photographer.

  6. Hi Jim, thank you so so much for your lovely words! I appreciate the encouragement and that is what motivates our beginner photographers. I also learn in the process from great photographers like yourself. I love photographing people and in these kind of circumstances. If I can sit quietly without people noticing me then I am so happy. Thank you so much!!!

  7. Thank you Jim! I love photographing people and I guess I should do it more often. Russia gave me so many opportunities and I am so happy I have used it. Animals are also very interesting and I guess they will even be more interesting if they eat ice cream!

  8. Hi Melissa, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I always enjoy your comments 🙂 Dulce de leche is very, very nice! I had so many wonderful memories of the time in Russia and the photos that I have taken. I cannot wait to go back! My husband doesn´t like b&w photos with coloured pieces…he doesn´t like this photo either 🙁

  9. I love all of these photos, Nelieta…I just love B&W street photography! Well, actually, any B&W photography! The photo of the couple is heartwarming…like you, I'm looking forward to growing old with my lovely husband. ❤

  10. I would love to take some dulce de leche for myself too :PThe images you've taken at the Moscow park are definitely great… I loved the stories that you carried in them — that makes lots of memories indeed.I liked the composition (Aaaron, I'm learning :P) and how magnified the people are in your photos. They are more important than the background. I liked how you've singled out that apple with teethmarks :)The girls are really gorgeous too…Thanks for sharing your memories… You're a fine photographer Nelieta ♥

  11. Hi Susan, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I love the b&w but often struggle when they are supposed to be used and when not. So glad you like it!Oh I had a great time taking these photos. I was totally unaware of my environment! We only met her for the first time that day. She was quite late and it was starting to get cold when she finally arrived. She is mom to a very active 2 year old!

  12. Russian women are breathtaking, as are your photos. And I find it fascinating that no matter where you live in the world, even in cold climates in the dead of winter that ice cream is such a wildly popular treat.

  13. I agree with your attement about the women and the ice cream Marie! I am a big ice cream lover and not even the cold will prevent me from enjoying it 🙂

  14. love the photos and the commentary — thank you! i think i may do something similar at the MN State Fair tomorrow — i'm inspired 😉

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