MBK Shopping Center Bangkok – Shopping Mall

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MBK Shopping Center Bangkok – Shopping Mall.

MBK Shopping center or Mahboonkrong is one of the largest shopping malls in Bangkok and with more than 7 floors it is a shopper`s paradise. Here you can find anything and if you cannot find it here, then you probably won`t find it anywhere else.

I first visited MBK in 2006 and my Mom and Dad couldn’t stop shopping. I think we made the journey to the hotel a couple of times that day and in the evening my Mom wanted to shop more. Don`t count me out, as I had a ball shopping for DVD`s and other bargains. This year I had another opportunity to visit Bangkok with my friends and I took them to MBK Shopping Center. You really have to force yourself to leave the building because you will be spending a lot of money there.

MBK Shopping Center Bangkok; mbk shopping mall;mbk shopping center bangkok;mbk shopping centre;mbk shopping;mbk bangkok shopping mall
The MBK Shopping Center inside.

What items can be bought at MBK Shopping Center?

If you are looking for a new cellphone then this is the place to go. You will definitely pick up a bargain at one of the more than 200 stalls that sell new and used phones. A word of caution though. There are a lot of scams in Bangkok and you might be buying a fake phone that only works a short time. Always make sure that you are handed a brand new phone inside the box and with a guarantee. Sometimes you will find that the guarantee is only valid in Thailand and that you have to purchase an International guarantee. Be as it may, you will still find great deals in MBK when it comes to cellphones.

Shoes and clothes are sold at really good prices. There are often sales and you can get two for the price of one. I have been to many markets in Bangkok and found that prices are more or less the same in the markets. The closer you are to a touristy place then the more expensive it will be. Prices at MBK stalls are competitive and you can always bargain if you are buying in bulk.

Electronics and camera equipment at MBK shopping mall.

There is one floor that is dedicated to cameras,equipment and accessories. I had a great time browsing for some things that I needed for my camera. I did a lot of research on the Internet before I visited Bangkok and wrote down the prices. I found a big difference in prices and not that was quoted on the Internet. Prices were still excellent and much cheaper than what I can buy it for here in Argentina but it was not cheap-cheap.

Yes you will definitely need an extra bag if you shop in Bangkok. The best place to look for luggage and bags is here at MBK Shopping center. You can also find beautiful wallets and purses and don`t forget about the souvenirs. Browse the gift stores if you are looking to bring back a couple of souvenirs for friends and family.

After a busy day of shopping you can go to the fast food area and grab a bite to eat or have a cup of coffee.

Buying perfume at MBK shopping center.

I am weary to buy perfume at MBK or any of the markets in Bangkok. I bought a bottle of expensive perfume at MBK in 2006 and found out later that the perfume was not genuine but a fake. The same applied to the I-pod that I bought there. I received a sealed box of perfume and didn’t`t open the box to make sure that it is indeed the real thing. Only when I got home, I realized I was handed a fake bottle of perfume. They present you with the original bottle but the one inside the box is fake. Ask them to open it an check the content.

When: March 2013

Phone: +66 2 216 3700

Address: Pathum Wan, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร Thailand

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