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Moscow Private City Tours on FOOT

Russia is becoming a very popular tourist destination and most people start their journey in Moscow. In my opinion there is no better way to discover the hidden gems in the city but by foot. You see and experience so much more. Unfortunately many first time travellers to Russia feel overwhelmed. Not only is the language different but many signs are only in Russian.

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A Moscow Private City Tour.

If you are an adventurer like me, then you also want to do some exploration on your own, without somebody holding your hand all the time. You want that flexibility by not being stuck in a tour bus for most of the day.

Moscow sightseeing with a difference

For independent travelers I recommend booking Moscow Private Tours. You will get an introduction to all the highlights in this exquisite and enchanting city. If you are spending a couple of days in Moscow then it is an excellent opportunity to orientate yourself. Best of all your tour guide is a Muscovite that knows the city and can recommend restaurants and places to visit.

What is a private city tour?

A private city tour is what the name says. Small, individual groups of not more than 6 people and a personal guide that will meet you at your hotel. Guides speak English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. It is important to choose the correct guide that speaks your language when you book your tour. Guides are very knowledgeable and some of them have studied history.

Although there are pre-packaged tours that you can select from there is also the option to create your own tour. Talk about flexibility and that is what I like. Most people go for the pre-packaged tours like the Moscow-Must-See.

A variety of City Tours for all kinds of travellers

A typical full day city tour will last 6 to 8 hours and a half day tour between 3 to 4 hours. What can be seen on a full day tour? Believe me after looking at the itinerary I can tell you that you will be getting value for money and a great overview of Moscow. Places includes: “Ploschad’ Revolutcii” Metro Station ; Zhukov Monument; Red Square and St. Basil`s Cathedral, GUM; Alexander Garden; Pashkov House; Cathedral of Christ the Savior; Pedestrian Bridge and Arbat street.

You can also choose from other tours including:

1. Hidden Moscow;  Night Moscow by car; Soviet Moscow and Russian Soul.

Booking a Moscow private city Tour?

Bookings and payment can be done online and before you arrive in Moscow. Then select your guide, language and tour and don`t forget to give your hotel address because your tour will commence from your hotel.

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