Motofest Argentina 2014 – Calamuchita

Motofest Argentina 2014, Motofest Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Hostel Tinktinkie;

The 7th annual Motofest Argentina 2014 or Bike Rally in the Calamuchita Valley.

Thousands of bikers from all over Argentina joined together last weekend in the beautiful Calamuchita Valley. Simply known as the Motofest Argentina, it is the second largest bike rally in the country. It is not important what bike you have or what club you belong to. Here, everybody is treated like a brother.

Motofest Argentina 2014, Motofest Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Hostel Tinktinkie;
The Motofest Argentina 2014 was hosted in playa Santa Rita in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.

A long-weekend filled with activities for bikers and spectators.

The organizers, in particular, Olaff, has done a great job in organizing and promoting the event. He had his hands full because it is not an easy task to entertain 4,000 bikers. A lot of thought went into the program. This year the program included more than 20 rock bands. Games were being played and prizes won.

Nelmitravel was there to talk to Olaff and to capture the mood on camera. Bikes started to arrive early Friday afternoon. By Sunday afternoon there were more than 4,000 bikers. Food was in abundance and ranged from traditional Argentine asado to waffles (not so traditional). Bikes were on display and many clothing items like bandanas, jackets, t-shirts and badges were on sale.

Argentines like to party and the bands started with their performances after 20h00, which continued into the early hours of the morning. This is nothing unusual for Argentines as they normally start eating at 11 pm!

Argentine asado, Motofest Argentina 2014
Argentine asado done in the traditional way at the Motofest Argentina 2014.

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Saturday was a very hot day in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita. I eventually took shade underneath a tree because the heat was just too much for this South-African girl. For many bikers the river was the ideal place to cool off and many others enjoyed an ice-cold beer in the shade. Music can be heard everywhere and the tenor reeds were very impressive.

Why is the Calamuchita Valley an ideal place for such a big rally?

The Cordoba Province is famous for it´s hills and mountains. The Calamuchita valley is in the middle of the Cordoba Province and offers endless opportunities to maneuver a bike along the winding roads. The scenery is breathtaking and there are many lookout points where you can admire the mountains and lakes. It is the ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Conclusion – Motofest Argentina 2014.

Although less bikers attended the event compared to previous years, the 7th annual Motofest Argentina 2014  in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita was a huge success. Having had a bike myself for many years, I love attending these events. Bikers are often misunderstood but I have had the the opportunity to meet some of the friendliest people at this event.  Which was my favourite bike? A beautifull restored Moto Guzzi dating back to 1959. The driver? A lady driver!

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