Mountain Escape to rest and rejuvenate

Mountain escape, Relais du Silence, Mountain Escape

Escape to the mountains to rest and rejuvenate.

A mountain escape is the perfect way to get away from it all. Mountains and forests are great places if you want to relax and disconnect for a while. Mountain breaks are ideal, all year round and each season has it’s own magical charm.

When enjoying a mountain escape, you will need the perfect accommodation to compliment your trip. Planning a mountain holiday doesn’t have to be that complicated. The most difficult part is deciding where you want to go to. The options are endless. Do you want to got to the Swiss Alps or Lake Geneva? Whatever you decide, a joyful experience is awaiting you and your family.

The perfect mountain escape where I can relax and breath the fresh mountain air.

One of my all time favorite holiday destinations, is the Village of Les Gets in France. Here you can hit the slopes, revel in fresh air and reconnect with nature. Did I mention that skiing starts right outside the doors of the hotel where we normally stay?

Mountain escape, Relais du Silence, Mountain Escape
Les Gets in France is ideal for a family ski holiday.

There are many sites to visit in this charming village including Le Rouget Waterfall and Pont du Diable gorges, to name a few.

How to choose accommodation when planning a mountain escape?

Choosing accommodation is fun and we normally make a it a family affair. It is important for us to choose family friendly accommodation, with larger rooms and activities for the children. Relais du Silence has a large selection of beautiful hotels, throughout Europe, that is great for mountain escapes and nature lovers. We have discovered the Village of Les Gets through and we head there for our annual ski holiday or whenever we need a short break.

We enjoy this quiet destination, with gourmet food and on-site activities. Quality accommodation doesn’t have to cost an arm-and-a-leg, especially when you make an early booking. That we have discovered through Relais du Silence.

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