Mozartplatz – Mozart monument in Salzburg – Austria

Mozartplatz,Mozart Monument,Salzburg;Salzburg Museum;зальцбург моцарт;Ludwig Schwanthaler

Mozartplatz in Salzburg – Austria

If you are a Mozart fan visiting Salzburg then I am sure you would like to visit as many places as possible that are associated with the master composer himself. First on your list should be the birthplace of Mozart called Mozart House and it comes highly recommended. Not so well known and often missed is the monument dedicated to Mozart at Mozartplatz.

Mozartplatz,Mozart Monument,Salzburg;Salzburg Museum;зальцбург моцарт;Ludwig Schwanthaler
Mozart monument at the Marienplatz in Salzburg.

Where is Mozartplatz situated?

Mozartplatz is a square situated in the old town area. There is nothing fancy or spectacular about the square and people often walk past it on their way to another attraction like the Salzburg Museum that is situated on the same square. The beautiful monument dedicated to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is towering in the sky and overlooking the city.  The monument is not flashy but very elegant. I am sure Mozart would have liked it.

History of the Mozart Monument in Salzburg

The history surrounding the monument is quite interesting. King Ludwig I gave orders to Ludwig Schwanthaler to make a statue dedicated to Mozart. The King himself donated a lot of money to make this possible and although it is claimed that he was mentally ill, he did love Salzburg and Mozart with a great passion. It was a very difficult time for Salzburg and money was tight as the city was just recovering from the devastations of the Napoleonic Wars.

The statue was scheduled to be unveiled in 1841 but first the Baroque fountain with a statue of St. Michael had to be removed because the Mozart statue had to take center place. This was a very costly exercise and the money that the King donated helped to cover the expenses. Construction workers found a Roman mosaic underneath the Baroque fountain and work was delayed for some time. The statue was finally unveiled in 1842 and the two sons of Mozart attended the ceremony.

The Roman Mosaic can be seen next to the marble base of the memorial. There is an inscription that reads as follows:

Hic habitat (felicitas), nihil intret mali”, meaning “Here lives (the luck or happiness), nothing evil might enter”.

The square is spacious with a lot of benches where you can sit to catch your breath, have a picnic or just enjoy the atmosphere. There are a couple of restaurants and musicians like to perform in the square.

Salzburg is not a big city and I am sure you will walk past it but if you are in the city for only a day then it is not the end of the world if you miss it. If you are in the city for longer then it is a nice opportunity to sit on one of the benches and enjoy the atmosphere of the Mozartplatz underneath the watchful eye of Mozart himself.

Where: Address: 5020 Salzburg, Austria

When: December 2006


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