Natural Mineral pools in Slavsk

Славское; Slavsk Kaliningrad Oblast; Slavsk; Russia; погода славск; Mineral Pools in Kaliningrad Oblast

The bus pulled up close to what seemed to be a big swimming pool. A lot of children were laughing and jumping in and out of the water. The water had an interesting green color but it was not polluted.

Mineral Pools in the Russian Town Slavsk, Kaliningrad Oblast.

I must admit the setting couldn`t have been more picturesque. Slavsk, is a very old rural town and in a way it seemed that time has been standing still here. Most of the houses are still from the German days and have been built before WWII. No skyscrapers or big shopping centers. Normal houses with normal people from the country side. I liked it. Life seems to be less complicated here. Maybe I am wrong.

I remember Andrey`s mom telling me the day before that we will be swimming in a mineral pool and I quickly asked Andrey if this was the place. I didn`t want to swim in a nightgown in front of all the people (see blog about customs and traditions in the Russian orthodox Church).

People in our group paid little attention to the big swimming pool and made their way to the tap. They were more interested in filling up their water bottles and to splash some water over themselves.

Eventually we managed to get to the front. This was one busy water tap.Andrey`s mom quickly joined us and we gave her the first taste. She loved it. Now it was my turn to taste the water. I have never tasted natural mineral water before. The taste was weird…very salty. I believe the salt content is an indication of how good the water is.

Andrey`s Mom`s friend joined us too. She took a big sip and licked her lips.

Then it was time to pose for a photo. She squeezed in between me and Andrey and we stifled a giggle.

Poor Andrey stood last in line and finally he managed to drink some of the water. He was looking forward to that all morning!


Where: Slavsk,Kaliningrad Oblast – Russia
Date: 16 June 2012

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    1. Thank you for the comment Corinne! It was very salty but really not bad at all 🙂 Yes the friend was funny, she insisted on standing there 🙂

  1. Dear Nelieta,
    What a delightful post. The friend looks and sounds like so much fun. I’m glad you are getting to enjoy this experience. Nice photos as always. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dear Andy, so glad you enjoyed it! She is heaps of fun and you won`t believe how much she can talks! This was a great experience and even more special because we shared it with Andrey`s mom. Thanks for the visit!!!

  2. I’ve never had the opportunity to try natural mineral water and I think of salty ocean water as you describe it. I’m sure it’s not nearly that bad and as with all things…It’s an acquired taste. That is one massive pool, folks go swimming? You’ve been on one incredible trip for months now; I’m quite envious!! Take care!!

    1. Hi David, it is not as salty as ocean water but it is salty! Andrey loves it but then again he grew up with it. I drank it, wasn`t too crazy about it but I am also starting to get used to the mineral water that we buy here. They are all salty. Yes, people swim here! I couldn`t believe it! We have visited many places with natural mineral water and it is all for free. We are so blessed to be on this trip, During the week we work like normal people but over weekends we have time to explore places and that I love. One month to go and then we will be back home. Thanks for the visit David!

  3. I’ve never experienced the taste of mineral water, but it sounds so interesting. Loved your photos of family, too. Always makes it so personal, Nelieta. 🙂
    Keep enjoying your marvelous visit!

    1. Hi Martha, thank you for the visit! I guess it is like David said, it is an acquired taste. Andrey loves it, I am still getting used to it 🙂 I agree Martha, we can never take too many photos. Apart from the memories and experiences, it is all that we will have left for years to come. Have a blessed week!

  4. I was born and grew up in Slavsk (Heinrichswalde). The spring was discovered when the gas works were being built and we were then told that it is connected to the Sea . The Haff in this case. We just regarded it as sea water. The swimming pool was then built It was very well kept then , with wooden cabins for changing, large grass areas , 1 and 3meter jumping towers, White Sea sand had been brought in. Many hours were spent there in our hot summers.

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