Pajas Blancas – Cordoba International Airport

Cordoba International Airport,Pajas Blancas Airport,Cordoba Airports, Airports Argentina

Pajas Blancas – Cordoba International Airport.

Córdoba International Airport or Pajas Blancas is 9 km from Córdoba city centre and is easily accessible by either taxi or public bus.  It is a new and modern airport and caters for domestic as well as international flights.

Cordoba International Airport,Pajas Blancas Airport,Cordoba Airports, Airports Argentina
Cordoba International Airport

Flights to Madrid also leave from Cordoba International Airport. Flights depart daily to and from:

Mendoza, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Rosario, Rio de Janeiro, Tucuman, Iguazu and Salta.

It is the 3rd most important airport in Argentina after Ezeiza and Jorge Newbery in Buenos Aires. In 2002 the airport underwent major renovations and Aerolineas Argentinas expanded domestic flights to this airport.

The airport is equipped with the necessary lights to have night air traffic, but pilots flying there, especially pilots of light aircrafts, are recommended to look out for birds as there are quite a substantial number of birds inhabiting the areas nearby.

Transport information to and from Pajas Blancas International Airport

The airport is open 24 hours and have restaurants, money exchange and transport facilities. There is a Tourist Office where you can get information about transport, Cordoba city and other areas in the province to visit. They also have maps on hand. If you want to book a taxi from the airport then you will find the information counter at the arrivals area.

Cordoba International Airport,Pajas Blancas Airport,Cordoba Airports, Airports Argentina
The Tourist Office at the Arrivals floor.

A taxi ride is +- 20 minutes from the main bus terminal in the city and will cost +- 75 pesos. Public bus A5 leave from the Terminal to the Airport and costs 4.50 ARS. Allow for enough time because it takes more than an hour to transfer from the Terminal to the airport.

Cordoba International Airport; Pajas Blancas Airport; Cordoba Airports; Airports Argentina
The taxi area outside the airport.

[ale_alert style=”red”] Tip: A card with pre-paid credits is needed to ride the bus. The driver will not allow you a ride without swiping your card. They don`t sell the cards at the airport. Ask any person on the bus with a card to swipe it on your behalf and give them the cash.[/ale_alert]

Where: Cordoba, Argentina

When: 5 November 2013

Aeropuerto Internacional Cordoba
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