Wooden Cabin of Peter the Great

The wooden cabin of Peter the Great at Kolomenskoye Estate.

One of the most famous cabins is that of Peter the Great at Kolomenskoye Estate in Moscow. The Estate has many beautiful wooden cabins. People often refer to the cabin as House of Peter I or Peter`s Cabin. Don`t confuse this house with the one that is in St.Petersburg.

Peter the Great`s Wooden Cabin,Kolomenskoye,Wooden Cabin of Peter the Great

History of the Wooden cabin.

Shipbuilders built his house in 1702 on the Isle of St.Mark in the estuary of the north Dvina River. Peter I lived in this house for only 2 months,observing the construction of the Novodvinsk Fortress located on the mainland accross from the island as well as the construction of the Russian Navy in the Wharves of Solombalsk. In 1934 the house of Peter I was moved to Kolomenskoye.

Peter the Great I of Russia
Peter the Great I of Russia

This was really interesting because for a moment I thought Peter I was actually living on the premises of the Kolomenskoye Estate but he wasn`t. He did live in it but it was brought from Arkhangelsk.

Where is the wooden cabin situated and what can be seen there?

The cabin is located very close to the Petition stone that I previously wrote about and amongst beautiful high trees. I sat down in front of the cabin to admire it. It is a sturdy and cosy cabin made from quality wood. I can imagine it had to endure some very cold winter months. It has many small glass windows and I found the architecture very different to the other houses that I have seen in Russia. It looked very modern,simple yet elegant.

Peter the Great`s Wooden Cabin,Kolomenskoye,Wooden Cabin of Peter the Great
A sturdy log cabin with small glass windows.

There is so much to see and do at the Kolomenskoye Estate but if you have time go and see this cabin. For an additional fee you can go inside to have a look at how the cabin was furnished. There were a lot of people and we decided not to go in.

Peter the Great`s Wooden Cabin,Kolomenskoye,Wooden Cabin of Peter the Great
Andrey in front of the wooden cabin of Peter the Great I

Where: Kolomenskoye Estate,Moscow,Russia
When: 12 August 2012

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