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Plataforma10,Bus Companies Argentina,Bus Transportation Argentina,Argentina by Bus,Bus Routes Argentina

Planning bus trips to South America with the help of Plataforma10.

Planning a trip to Argentina can be stressful especially if you are looking for transport information and the webpages are in Spanish. An essential part of your trip will be long distance transport. Personally I think that many people underestimate the size of Argentina. It is a huge country. The length from Buenos Aires to El Calafate in Patagonia is +- 3,500km and the width across the country is +- 1600 km or more.

Where to find a website, that can give you up-to-date bus information in English and an option to purchase tickets in advance with your credit card? The answer: Bus information Argentina. In fact not only do they allow for electronic purchases they also have a very handy on-line facility available for mobile users. Tickets are available for Argentina,Bolivia,Brazil,Chile,Peru,Paraguay and Uruguay.

How to make a booking on Plataforma10?

First of all the whole site is not in English and some parts are in Spanish. However the most important areas are in English and you shouldn`t have a problem to navigate.

The front page has an option to enter your departure and arrival destinations, date of travel and number of passengers. Ida y Vuelta means `return` for people who don`t speak Spanish.

Plataforma10,Bus Companies Argentina,Bus Transportation Argentina,Argentina by Bus,Bus Routes Argentina
Plataforma10 will take the hassle out of planning a trip to South America.

A separate screen will open with a list of all the transport companies that are travelling to your destination. What I really like about this site is all the detail that you get. You can plan your entire trip without any problems.

  • Name of the Bus Company
  • Type of bus
  • Travel time
  • Seat availability

Recently I made my first purchase through Plataforma10 and the process was fairly simple. First of all you need to register on the site. After registration go back to the main page and select your destination and proceed to the payment area. If you haven`t registered you need to complete the registration process, otherwise proceed to complete your payment.

They give you an option to select your seat and to pay. For people living outside of Argentina you can pay only with Visa. Other credit cards are accepted if you make payment in Argentina. Once the payment have been approved you get issued with an electronic ticket that you can print. This ticket must be presented to the driver of the bus on date of departure.

What is the meaning of ‘Comfort’ on the webpage when you select your bus?

  • Clase Suite: Seats recline +- 180 degrees.
  • Clase Cama: Seats recline +- 150 degrees.
  • Clase Semicama:  Seats recline +-130 degrees.
  • Clase Común: Seats recline +- 120 degrees.

Please note that Clase Suite en Clase Cama normally have dinner and breakfast served. Clase Cama and Comun normally not, depending on the bus company. The most luxury bus is the Clase Suite and some of them even have Wi-Fi.

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