Point zero in Paris

Point Zero,Point Zero in Paris,Point Zero Des Routes De France,Kilometre Zero,Notre Dame de Paris

Point Zero in Paris.

Imagine a point where all things started. Did you even know that something like this exists? I am not talking about the beginning of the world but a place which is called ” Point zero“.

Point Zero,Point Zero in Paris,Point Zero Des Routes De France,Kilometre Zero,Notre Dame de Paris
Point Zero in Paris.

What is Point Zero?

Wikipedia gives a beautiful description of what this point means: “In many countries, Kilometre Zero (also written km 0) or similar terms in other languages, is a particular location (often in the nation’s capital city), from which distances are traditionally measured.

A similar notion also exists for individual roads (that is, all locations on the road have a number, depending on their distance from that location), and for individual cities (often the city’s central post office is used for this).The most famous such marker of which any part survives from ancient times is the Milliarium Aureum (“Golden Milestone”) of the Roman Empire, believed to be the literal origin for the maxim that “all roads lead to Rome.”

Where to find Point Zero in Paris?

I found this point in Paris, just outside the cathedral of Notre-Dame. All distances in France, from Paris, are measured from this brass compass star.Engraved in the surrounding stone are the words: POINT ZERO DES ROUTES DE FRANCE (Point Zero of the roads of France). It is believed to be good luck if you stand on it and make a wish. Some people throw a coin and make a wish. It is up to you.

Point Zero,Point Zero in Paris,Point Zero Des Routes De France,Kilometre Zero,Notre Dame de Paris
Point Zero in Paris just outside Notre Dame.

Most people walk over it and don´t even realise what this is.  It’s a little hard to find at first because it is not close to the entrance of the Cathedral. Just keep on looking and you will find it.

Point Zero – The Birthplace of a city.

For some people it is a useless piece of information and honestly if it wasn´t pointed out to me then I would have missed it. But knowing that something like this exists is remarkable. The birthplace of a city. Not all cities in the world can pinpoint where it started, in fact there are only a handful in the world. You can read up about it in Wikipedia and see if your city is listed.

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  1. We are planning a short visit to Paris next May on our way to Italy.I am bringing plenty of flash cards lol. I'll be photographing everything:)I will look for this spot. Thank Youhttp://jpweddingphotograpy.blogspot.com/

  2. That is so exciting Jim! You will need a lot of flash cards, downloading space and batteries! Please do and I am looking forward to all your stunning photos 🙂

  3. Wow, this is a great piece of info for I was not aware. thanks for sharing, will be at Rome next week.

  4. I am going on a holiday there,soon..will see this…I used to stay in Nagpur,Maharashtra(India),there is a place landmarked as The Zero Mile…At the centre of Nagpur city "Zero Mile stone of India" is located from where the distance of all the cities of India is calculated. Distance : 0 km

  5. I will probably be asking you for some suggestions on a really great restaurant not touristy but where the locals would eat!!ThanksJimhttp://jpweddingphotograpy.blogspot.com/2011/04/romance-passion-and-sex-wow-what-blog.html

  6. A, no worry I only knew about this because our tour guide pointed it out when we arrived in Paris. Guess you will have to go back again! What a great excuse :))))

  7. Hi Savira, Paris is amazing! I would love to go back but this time with my husband and at my own time. Personally I think you need a month in Paris to explore everything!

  8. Hi Jessica, yes I thought it was something interesting to see. It is not impressive like the Eiffel tower for example but it is unique and something I haven´t seen before. I see there is also one in Buenos Aires. I would like to go and find it next time when I am there 🙂

  9. How interesting I never knew such a thing existed. I look forward to following your blog and reading more!

  10. Hi Hocam, thank you for the visit and follow. I hope you will find the next articles also interesting 🙂

  11. hi neilieta, paris has lots of great things, I miss this one , sure love to go there again 🙂 how are you. I have done the opening post on the winter squash or other types of pumpkin etc. I have your name listed in there. in a day or two, I will start publish the first guest post.-a cartoonist blog. Will let u know each time I publish. Thanks. please submit your post to me by email ok.

  12. Hi Nava, wow how I miss Rome! I am sure you are going to have an awesome time! I don´t think there is a point zero in Rome because Rome is built city upon city. It is such a wonderful place and please do try the ice cream. It is to die for!

  13. Hi Alpana, that is interesting! I was surprised to see that only a handful of cities know where this point zero is. It is outside Notre-Dame but you have to look for it as I don´t recall seeing signs pointing this out. Have a wonderful time in Paris!

  14. Would love to help you with that one Jim but never ate at a local restaurant while I was there! There was just too much to do and see that fast food was the answer. I did have a meal the one night at the Moulin Rouge but that wasn't too great.

  15. Paris… home and my heart.. I love the beauty and the walks by the seine or even around the old quarters… I agree with Nelieta about JP taking some amazing pictures

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