Recoleta Mall in Buenos Aires recently renovated

Recoleta Mall; Recoleta Shopping Mall, Malls in Buenos Aires, Recoleta Neighbourhood

Recoleta Mall is the only mall in Recoleta Neighbourhood and recently renovated.

The Recoleta Mall is situated in one of the most popular tourist spots in Buenos Aires. It is located in the Recoleta neighbourhood and right opposite the famous Recoleta Cemetery. The mall was renovated recently and now boasts many shops, pubs and restaurants. It is a lively mall but caters more for high-end shoppers. I definitely do not fall into this category and enjoy the mall mainly for three things: movies, Bookshops and coffee at McDonald’s, overlooking the cemetery. Yes, McDonald’s has the best spot. Large windows that overlook the cemetery.

Recoleta Mall; Recoleta Shopping Mall, Malls in Buenos Aires, Recoleta Neighbourhood
View from McDonalds of the La Recoleta Cemetery

Inside the Recoleta Mall.

It is a modern and clean Mall, without being overwhelming. Buenos Aires can get very hot and humid during the summer months. If you are stuck in the city and in the Recoleta neighbourhood, go inside the mall to cool down.

There is a food court that offers quite a variety of dishes for the hungry traveler. If you are looking for Patagonian chocolates, then you have to pay Mamushka, on the 3rd floor a visit.

I suggest if you have time, the the Recoleta Mall can provide you with many relaxing things to do during your stay in Buenos Aires. I have to stress that this mall is not for the budget traveler. Clothes for example are very expensive and this is not the place to buy them.

I have mentioned before that the bookshop is one of my favorite places. it is situated on the ground level as you enter the mall. I can spend hours here and they don’t chase you away. Do not forget to visit the akg c12.

The cinema is excellent and they have all the latest movies. They are in English language with Spanish subtitles. The price for the movie tickets are average but if you buy something to eat or drink from the shop, be prepared to rib a hole in your pocket.

Recoleta Mall; Recoleta Shopping Mall, Malls in Buenos Aires, Recoleta Neighbourhood
Outside view and the promenade.

Outside the mall you will find a neat promenade with restaurants and benches to people watch.

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  1. The Recoleta is accessible by the “D Line” of the Buenos Aires Subway , which passes through the neighborhood.

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