Religious Icons in the Russian Orthodox Church

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Religious Icons at the Novodevichy Monastery in Moscow and other Russian Orthodox Churches.

Religious Icons on display at the Novodevichy Monastery and a very interesting exhibition made us decide to go and look. Beautiful organ music filled the room and I immediately felt relaxed and at peace. The building forms part of the monastery and this part is open to the public.

The first room had the most exquisite hand painted Fabergé eggs on display. Themes on the eggs varied from Russian Orthodox Religion Icons to scenes from the history of the monastery. They came in all shapes and sizes and I couldn’t stop looking.

Walking through the rooms and admiring the 15th-century items and Religious icons.

We entered the next room through a huge wooden door. The wood was so thick and I believe it is an original door that dates back to the 15th century. This room was very special and had Religious Icons on display. I don`t know much about the Russian Orthodox Religion only what Andrey has been telling me. I could see from the display that the Mother Mary and the baby Jesus were very important.

The Russian Orthodox Church,Novodevichy Monastery,
Mother Mary and baby Jesus

The importance of Mother Mary in the Russian Orthodox Religion.

The Virgin Mary is the woman God chose to bear His Son in this world. The Orthodox believe in the ever-virginity of Mary.

Since God chose her to manifest His presence among men, they refer to her as, ” All Holy” and the bridge between God and man. For this reason, they praise and venerate her in the Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox always pray to the Virgin Mary, beseeching her to intercede for us to God. They do not worship the Virgin Mary- worship is do to God alone. The Orthodox make a distinction between worship and intercessory prayer. Just as we ask other people to pray for us, we ask the Virgin Mary, for she has found favor in God’s eyes and has a very unique relationship with God, to pray (intercede) for us. It should be noted that the Virgin Mary and all the saints are ceaselessly praying for all of us. Courtesy of Internet

The last room in the museum and items on display.

The last room had a display of jewelry, ceramics, books, clothes, photos and other interesting items from the Russian Orthodox Church, Popes, and other important people. I have been to a Russian Orthodox service before but I haven`t had the opportunity to see the items up close.

Faberge eggs,Moscow,Russian Orthodox Church,Novodevichy Monastery
Andrey in front of items on display at the Novodevichy Monastery.
An old Bible on display at the Novodevichy Monastery.
An old Bible on display at the Novodevichy Monastery.
Jewellery on display at the Novodevichy Monastery.
Jewellery on display at the Novodevichy Monastery.
Beautiful porcelain on display at the Novodevichy Monastery.
Beautiful porcelain on display at the Novodevichy Monastery.

When: 18 May 2012
Where: Novodevichy Monastery in Moscow, Russia

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  1. Hello Nelieta.
    Looks like you are enjoying your holidays.
    These photos are amazing. My wife has always loved the idea of owning a Fabergé egg (in her dreams) and to see them up close & personal like this…you really get to appreciate the detail. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Andy, we are settling now and every day we go to the house of my mother-in-law. Not much time to visit places now because Andrey has started to fix her house. For sure we will make time over weekends to go and see museums and places. I cannot wait to write about it. The Fabergé eggs that we have seen 4 years ago in the Kremlin Armoury Museum was exquisite.Decorated in gold,diamonds and precious stones. The history is very interesting too. I really like them and would love to own one too 🙂 Your wife has good taste 🙂 Thanks for the visit Andy and have a wonderful day!

  2. It is to me something new that You could present here Fabergé Eggs. When we had an exposition of Fabergé Eggs in Finland, I could take photos from them, but not show them in Internet.

    In Finland we have also Orthodox churches and two monasteries. Here is one:

    Monastery of New Valamo

    Happy blogging.

    1. Hi Sartenda, thank you for your comment. The first time I saw Fabergé eggs were in the Kremlin Armoury museum 4 years ago. We were not allowed to take photos there because they are collectors items and of great value. Most of them were decorated in diamonds and precious stones. These eggs were different because they were made for the church. They were still beautiful. Thank you for the link, I will visit it and have a look. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Mary! Both Andrey and I like to see as many things as possible. I made a list before we travelled to Moscow and this time I wanted to see specific things. Moscow has more than 3000 museums and there were so many places to see! I am really happy with what we have seen in a limited space of time. Glad you like the photos and information.

    1. Hi Irene, you know I didn`t even ask if they were for sale but I am sure some of them are. The ones that we have seen 4 years ago in the Kremlin Armoury Museum were exquisite. They are worth millions!

    1. Hi Martha, thank you for the visit. I really want to take photos in one of the Russian Orthodox churches but they don`t permit it. It is beautiful inside. You also have to cover your head. I will write some more about it. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Wow. Those eggs are amazing 🙂 I have always fancied icons and religious articles. And that image of the Madonna and child is so striking.

    I wish I could have continued my lessons in Icons ~ I suddenly remembered it 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. They are beautiful Melissa! I must admit, I don`t know much about the Icons. As far as I can remember we don`t have religious icons in the Protestant churches. Nevertheless I find it beautiful and interesting. Please share some information when you can…I will really appreciate it.

  4. Actually, the one who taught me went all the way to Russia to study iconography. What makes it truly fascinating is the way how it is done. The discipline in doing it. The materials used and the purpose and meaning each icon represent/symbolize.

    You may read this:

    I have never finished the face of Christ but I was able to learn how to do it. One has to pray before, during and after doing one. It is very different from the art I do, but somehow, now as I make my own style, I’m more aware of who and what I do it for 🙂

Thank you for visiting. Have a fabulous day!

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