Rent a Car in Colonia del Sacramento – Uruguay

Mariño Sport Car Rental; Rent a Car in Colonia; Car rental in Colonia del Sacramento;

Rent a Car in Colonia del Sacramento and explore this Colonial town in style.

On the spur of the moment we decided to rent a car in Colonia del Sacramento to explore the town and surrounding areas. The weather wasn’t that good and the idea was to drive up to Punta del Este or Montevideo. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time and decided to rent a Kawasaki Mule Chico instead. The common name is a golf cart and we have seen a lot of people driving around with them in Colonia. It didn’t take us long to decide that this was the ideal mode of transport for us. We had great fun and many stories to tell.

Mariño Sport Car Rental; Rent a Car in Colonia; Car rental in Colonia del Sacramento;
Getting instructions for driving our luxury Golf Cart.

Rent a car at Mariño Sport in Colonia del Sacramento.

The guys at Mariño Sport were very helpful and friendly. In no time we had the paperwork completed and we were ready to hit the road. Mariño Sport rents out a variety of vehicles, golf carts, motorbikes, cuad bikes and even bicycles. They have an office centrally located in Colonia del Sacramento, close to the Buquebus Terminal. Their offices can also be found in Montevideo and Punta del Este.

Mariño Sport Car Rental; Rent a Car in Colonia; Car rental in Colonia del Sacramento;
Neatly parked at the marina.

Documents required to rent a car at Mariño Sport.

  • Identity Document or Passport;
  •  A valid Driver’s license;
  •  21 years and older;
  • Refundable deposit that varies according to the category of vehicle that is rented.

Why I would recommend to rent a car in Colonia del Sacramento.

Colonia del Sacramento is not a big town. It is best to explore it by foot as there are so many nooks and crannies with interesting discoveries. However, it can be tiring to walk around all day and you can only see so much. It cost us 35 USD to rent the Golf cart for 2 days and we got a 21% discount. The discount is available at car rental agencies and restaurants if you pay with a foreign credit card. This is a grant given by the Government to tourists to promote tourism in Uruguay. The 21% is the tax portion and is deducted from the invoice immediately. That is a big saving and makes it even more attractive to rent a car. Mariño Sport also offer a free chauffer service. What a fantastic way to be able to enjoy the luxury of your own private chauffer at no extra cost!

Contact information of Mariño Sport:

Colonia del Sacramento: Odriozola 419 –  (00598) 4523 0073

Montevideo: Avenida Italia 5100 – (00598) 2708 6446

Punta del Este: Calle 29 entre Calle 24 y Gorlero –  (00598) 2708 6446


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