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Russia without a Visa; Cruise Ship St. Peter Line; Princess Anastasia Cruise Ship; Visa Russia;Cruise Ship to St Petersburg, Russia No Visa

Visit Russia without a Visa

It is not easy to get a Russian Visa and I can talk from experience. Over the years I have applied for tourist-, homestay and business visas. Wouldn`t it be wonderful to visit Russia without a Visa?

Russia without a Visa; Cruise Ship St. Peter Line; Princess Anastasia Cruise Ship; Visa Russia;Cruise Ship to St Petersburg, Russia No Visa

However there is good news for people who want to visit St. Petersburg and doesn’t want to go through the bureaucracy of applying for a visa or pay the costs. How is it done and most importantly is it legal?

arriving on princess anastasia or princess maria

The Russian cruise ship liner St. Peter has two ships, the Princess Anastasia and Princess Maria, that travels between Helsinki, Tallin and Saint Petersburg. The Cruise Ships are named after the daughters of the last Tsar Nicholas that were brutally murdered by the Bolsheviks. Ships sail three times a week.

Is it legal to visit russia without a visa?

“Citizens of foreign countries may arrive to Russian Federation by ferries and stay in the country without Visas up to 72 hours in case they are participating in tours organized by tour operator authorized by
Immigration Authorities.”

What this means is that you are allowed to legally enter Russia without a Visa if you arrive by ferry or cruise ship for a maximum 72 hours and if you purchase an organized tour by an authorized tourist agency. This is totally legal and you will not be prosecuted or kicked out of the country.

Interesting I read an article that was published in the Daily Mail last year and the writer said she was worried about the KGB arresting her. The KGB doesn`t exist anymore and you really don`t have to worry that you will be arrested if you bought a ticket on the ferry. Please note that this only applies to people entering Russia by ferry.

requirements to visit russia without a visa

The online booking system makes it easy to reserve your ticket on the Cruise Ship. Complete the details but leave the “Visa” field empty. It will automatically take you to the “Purchase Shuttle Bus” page where you can book the city tour. Confirm your booking and print your ticket.

On the day of your departure make sure you arrive early and bring your passport. When checking in you will be receiving the following:

  • Boarding Pass
  • Meal Voucher
  • Arrival and Departure Card
  • Migration Card

After the check-in process has been completed you will pass by Immigration and then proceed to the ferry.

Using the Shuttle Bus in the City

After arrival in St. Petersburg, leave the terminal and proceed to the Shuttle Bus Station which is located in the front of the terminal. The Minibuses are marked with the St. Peter Line logo. Bus schedules can be checked on the official webpage of St. Peter Line. With the “Departure” part of the “Arrival/Departure” card that you were issued with when boarding, you can use the shuttle bus unlimited times during day.

Please note that you do not have to return on the same cruise ship. With your departure ticket you can board either the Princess Anastasia or Princess Maria ships.

For more information please visit the official site –  http://www.

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