Love for Russian Ice Cream

Russian Ice Cream and why it is so good.

I love Russian Ice cream and a few days ago I read a quote that goes like this:

“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.” – Don Kardong

When we were in Russia I got addicted to the Russian ice cream and I could relate to the above quote. I love ice cream and so does the Russian people! Ice Cream in Russian is called Morozhenoe.

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Russian Ice Cream.

In Russia I found that the ice cream was a lot better than the once we have in Argentina.It was creamy, really creamy with a divine taste and very cheap. To give you an idea, we paid 10 Ruble (0.32 USD) for a cone. In Argentina we pay for the same one 1.67 USD and the quality is not nearly as good.

After a meal we would nip out to the shop and buy Morozhenoe. That would be our desert. During our stay in Russia I tried all the flavours: Vanilla,Strawberry and Chocolate. I also tried most of the localy produced brands. Family and friends told me that times have changed in Russia and the quality of the ice cream is not what it used to be, like in the times of the Soviet Union. I can just imagine what it must have tasted like back then!

When one of the best ice cream factories closed down recently in Kaliningrad, people were very sad. I found it very interesting that people would buy Western brands like Magnum, that doesn`t taste half as good as the real Russian Ice Cream.

What makes the Russian Ice Cream so special compared to other brands?

The main reason is that ice cream in Russia is made from pure milk. One of the leading Ice Cream manufacturers have their own dairy farms and fresh milk is delivered every day. They also have their own secret rescipe like any company that sell a really good product.

My mouth is watering right now and I hope to find the quality the same when we visit Russia again in the future.

What makes Russian ice cream special from Russia Beyond The Headlines on Vimeo.


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