Russian Piroshki and how to make it

Traditional Russian Piroshki and how to make it.

Russian Piroshki is traditional Russian food and one that I have been introduced to over the years. It is also the one thing that we don`t make at home. Why? Because we don`t know how to make it properly. In my opinion the only person who can make it, is Andrey`s mom.

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Russian Piroshki as made by Andrey`s mom

The first time I tasted this traditional Russian  food was back in 2008 when I visited Russia. I couldn`t wait to taste it again but had to wait 4 years.

What is Piroshki?

It is a dough that is baked in oil and stuffed with various ingredients: cabbage,apple,vegetables,mushrooms,fish (salmon),onions and egg. Andrey`s mom makes Piroshki with cabbage,apple,egg and ricotta cheese. How can you tell which ones have cabbage and which ones have apple? You sniff it! The ones with cabbage you can smell.

It is not unique to Russia and can be found in many places around the world. They call it different names and make it slightly different. It can be found in Japan,Mongolia,Finland,Armenia and Iran. Even here in Argentina we have empanadas and it is very similar.

Like most Russian food it takes a long time to make. You need to have time and patience. The sad thing is that you cook all day and before you know it, it is gone. Piroshki never lasts long when you have a table full of hungry people. You can eat it hot or cold. We like to eat it cold.

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How to make Piroshki?

I found this fun video on YouTube on how to make it. If you have time and want to experiment in the kitchen, try to make Piroshki and let me know if you liked it or not.

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  1. Thank you very much for the information and recipe. I had Piroshki when I travelled to Poland but I wasn`t sure what it was called or how to make it. It is really delicious!