Salt Pans along the coast of Nambia

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Discovering Salt pans along the C34.

Travelling on the C34, between Swakopmund and the Skeleton Coast National park was quite an adventure and this is where we saw the salt pans.  Built with sand and salt and quite hard, it was easy to drive on. I have never driven on a salt road before and was quite curious how it would be. It was hard packed and smooth.  The idea was to do some exploring of the area and to drive to Cape Cross.

Bojos restaurant, where we ate breakfast very morning, recommended Cape Cross to us.

An interesting discovery awaited us.

As we were driving along the salt road we caught a glimpse of a white shimmer and decided to stop and investigate. A small salt pan appeared in front of us. How beautiful with the lime green water and chunks of salt packed to the bottom and sides. One of the first thing we did was to touch the chunks of salt that was protruding from the water.  It looks like salt and is rough and hard. The Agate Mountains salt pans are beautiful. The landscape is stunning and the pans blend in beautifully. It is truly a must see.

A phenomenon that can be seen throughout the world.

Salt pans are natural areas where salt and minerals cover the ground.  As a result of evaporation over thousands of years, these salt flats are a natural occurrence. Other famous salt flats is in Bolivia, Tunisia and the United States. We were fortunate to have seen these salt flats and to have driven on them too.

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