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Skyscanner; Mobile applications; Travel applications;

Why I love planning a trip (And you should too!).

Planning a trip is a lot of fun. It can also be very stressful especially when you have to organize flights. There are many mobile applications available to help plan, book and organize flights.

Skyscanner; Mobile applications; Travel applications;
Skyscanner mobile application.

Planning your flights with Skyscanner mobile application.

Skyscanner is one of my favorite applications. It is free for both iOS and Android. There are a couple of reasons why I like this application.

  • It is updated on a regular basis;
  •  It is a lightweight application that runs smoothly on your mobile phone (15.6MB);
  •  It is free;
  •  It is available in 34 languages;
  •  Well designed interface;
  •  Great for finding cheap deals on flights.

How does Skyscanner work?

When you open Skyscanner application it will ask you where you want to fly to. You have the option to choose direct flights only, One-way or return flights. Then enter your depart and return dates, number of passengers and what cabin class you prefer.

After you press”search”, it will present you with a list of flights that matches your search criteria. There are a number of filtering options including the best price and the least amount of interim stops.

If you are interested in view a specific flight then simply click on the flight and more detailed information will appear. This page will also give you the option to book your flight.

Skyscanner does not control the flight booking providers. However, Skyscanner will connect you directly with the booking provider by phone or a booking request.


Skyscanner is a great application to quickly search for deals and to book flights. I have mentioned before that the application is for free but there is a charge of $1.99 if you want to use the application ads-free. The iOS application has a cool “explore” button that shows last minute deals on a spinning globe map. It is a great way to get inspired to take that trip.

If you are looking to track flight deals or flash sales I highly recommend Whiskr. Explore deals and save money!

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