The St Nicholas Church – Baroque church in Prague

St Nicholas Church in Prague; Famous Baroque Churches; Prague sightseeing; Nelmitravel; Baroque Church Prague

The Church of St Nicholas is the most famous Baroque church in Prague.

The St Nicholas Church in Prague is one of the most beautiful buildings in Prague and a local landmark. Situated in the Old Town Square and next to the former Jesuits college.

The Church of St Nicholas is one of the most important and valuable Baroque buildings north of the Alps. Construction took almost a hundred years to complete and three generations of architects worked on the project. To the day it is considered as an architectural gem.

St Nicholas Church in Prague; Famous Baroque Churches; Prague sightseeing; Nelmitravel; Baroque Church Prague
St Nicholas Church in Prague and view from the tower.

The Baroque interior and sculptures of the Church of St Nicholas.

The Baroque Interior inspired by the chapel of St. Louis-des-Invalides in Paris. Unfortunately, we could not go inside when we were in Prague as the Church was not open.

Inside the church, you will find stucco decorations by Bernardo Spinetti, frescos by Peter Adam the Elder and sculptures by Antonín Braun.

Sadly in 1781, all the decorations were removed when the emperor Josef II ordered all monasteries to be closed if they did not have a social function. In 1870, the Church became Russian Orthodox.

During the Second World War, Czech army units stationed at the Church started to do restoration work to the church. They worked alongside professional artists. Much of what we see today, is thanks to them.

The church currently belongs to the Czech Hussite movement, after handed custody after the war.

St Nicholas’s stunning facade became visible.

In 1901, they demolished the  Krenn house in front of the church. It was then that the stunning facade of the St Nicholas Church became visible to the Old Town Square.

Viewed from the outside it is a stunning building but the view from the top of the tower is breathtaking. Here you can see the Church in all its splendor. I highly recommend a tour to the top of the tower.

The St. Nicholas church is also the venue for classical concerts. During the winter months, they heat the interior of the church but it can get cold so bring warmer clothes.

Opening hours:

Church: Monday-Saturday 10:00-16:00; Sunday 12:00-16:00

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