Street of Sighs – Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento,Street of Sighs,Calle de los Suspiros; Uruguay

Street of Sighs or Calle de los Suspiros – Colonia del Sacramento.

When I saw the name on my tourist map, “Calle de los Suspiros ” or “Street of Sighs” I was immediately curious. The name spelled mystery and intrigue. Where did the name come from? What was I going to find?

I followed the map which took me into the old city. It is such a beautiful town. Cobbled streets and houses built in a colonial style, painted in different colours. I was immediately transformed into a different era. The one where horses pulled carriages, where sword fights took place at midnight and lovers secretly met in dark corners.

Colonia del Sacramento,Street of Sighs,Calle de los Suspiros; Uruguay
The Street of Sighs or Calle de Los Suspiros.

A narrow pedestrian way.

When I came around the corner I saw it! A small street that is no more than a narrow pedestrian way. It doesn’t have any side walks and it is paved with wedge stones. It still has the original drain running by the middle of it. The street has houses on both sides dating back to the first colonial years.

I was not the only one that was curious. Other people were also hanging around taking photographs. I still did not know where the name came from and I set off to go and find out.

Street of Sighs in Colonia del Sacramento
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Why is it called the “Street of Sighs”?

Several legends have been woven around its name. Don’t you just love legends? Each year somebody adds something new. It was exactly the same with my mystery street. Here are the theories and I will let you be the judge on this one!

  •  The first one claims that criminals, who were condemned to death, were led along the street of “sighs” and drowned in the river when the tide rose.
  •  The second story suggests that this street used to have many brothels that sailors visited after a long sea journey. I will not go into more details but I am sure you will be able to make the connection.
  •  The 3rd story is very romantic. It claims that a young woman was waiting for her love, when a masked man appeared and stabbed her in the chest with a dagger. All that was heard was a sigh…

I am sure new stories will arise which will add magic and intrigue. For now I will stick to the above theories which for a moment transformed me back into a journey of time.

Where to find The Street of Sighs?

If you walk from the ferry, you will come into the old part of the city through the main entrance via the drawbridge gate. The Street of Sighs is on your left when you come through the gate. From Plaza Mayor it is the first street on the left.

Don’t miss the table linen shop around the corner. They sell exquisite items. Many people come here to browse for table linens and what a variety don’t they have! They sell anything from table runners to fitted table cloths. I spend quite a while browsing this little shop.

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  1. Sigh… because I wish to be there but am not… I love the third theory of this legend. It's romantic but I have to sigh because the woman died in the end. Sigh! No wonder its named the Streets of Sigh.:) Sigh!

  2. Hi Alejandro, I am sighing too! It is such a beautiful place!! You are most welcome and I will be taking you to more places in the future :)Que tengas un buen fin de semana!!!

  3. I love legends, I'm not sure which one I believe maybe the 2nd one more that the last and just a little bit more than the first. Very interesting though – are you going to put these into a book some day?

  4. Hi SJ, I would love to put it into a book some day. That is why I have started this blog. I have time now to do it, so I thought " Let's go for it"!Ps. I think the 2nd legend appeals more to my logic 🙂

  5. Hi Mary, when I read the blog to my husband, he thought the last one was too dramatic 🙂 To be honest I like all 3 of them but the 2nd one seems more logic.Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Hi Jorie, it seems we have all done a lot of sighing on this blog today! It is sad..but hey, it is only a legend :)Glad you liked it!!

  7. Suspiros perdidos en el tiempo… Colonia parace resistir el paso del tiempo!!!Desde Buenos Aires se puede llegar con Buquebus.

  8. Si!!! Es la verdad! Me encanta Colonia del Sacramento!!! Gracias por la información. Yo he escrito un comentario sobre Buquebus. Son muy buenos!

  9. I love how you just aren't simply curious but act on your curiosities during your travel and find out all the little nuggets of fact and fiction, legend and lore….thank you so much for sharing the story of exploring this most unusual and mysterious street…in a place where I'll probably never be able to go…In a way, sharing your travels with all of us, helps bring us there too! Thanks :)~Many Blessings,Jessica

  10. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your comment! Comments like yours make me want to write more. I am so happy I have managed to take you on a short journey!Have a wonderful week and God Bless :)NelietaPs. My curiosity often get me into trouble!

  11. Hello:Interesting site!This place is amazing… Besides I have never been there (yet!): it´s very interesting!I live in Brazil; Uruguay is so close – the State I live is RIO GRANDE DO SUL: and it´s easy to visit/walk in this country…There are lots of places in SOUTH AMERICA where HISTORY is very interesting (in Brazil as well!)…Thank you,Rodrigo Rosa (Porto Alegre)

  12. Hello Rodrigo, thank you for visiting my blog. Glad you like it. Colonia is such a beautiful town. I would love to go back some day. I have been to Brazil but not Porto Alegre. You live in such a beautiful country and the people are so friendly! If you can visit Uruguay pop over and visit. Some places are a little expensive I found but beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you soon at my blog!

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