Street Performers

I am participating in Jim´s Magnificent Monday this week with the theme ‘Street performers´. A wide topic that includes street art, street singers, musicians etc. If you participate in the event please leave your link in the ´link´ section at the bottom and I will pop in to have a look.Street performers are also called Buskers and can be found in subways, on street corners, touristy places and parks. Contrary to what people believe they are not all crazy hobos.

“Originally the dream was about traveling and developing a job that would permit me to travel. And I decided to go into street performing because it was a traveling job; it would let me go around the world.”

Many of them are talented but struggling artists who are trying to make a living. A street musician who is also called the ´Violin Monster´gives us some insight into the life of a street performer:

“When it came down to it, after taxes and everything, I was making right around $200 a week working at a shirt shop. And that was kind of rough,” Storey says. “So this music has just become more and more my passion, and I decided to just go for it and stop doing it halfway.”

I was amazed to see how many photos I have taken of street performers over the years. There is something magical about street performers and they have the ability to draw crowds. It is almost impossible for me to walk past a street performer and not stop and see what he is up to. Street performers are all unique and present something different to their audience. I tried to categorize the street performers that I have seen over the years and this is what I came up with. Singers who perform in the streets are very entertaining, especially when they sing Tango music. I saw this woman performing in Buenos Aires. I was so impressed that I stayed for 5 songs. She had a beautiful voice.

Street performers
The lady with the beautiful voice

Musicians: It is common to see musicians performing here in Argentina, especially in the subway or close to tourist attractions. This musician drew a large crowd as he was performing in El Caminito in Buenos Aires. He was very talented and people tipped generously.

Street performers
A musician in El Caminito in Buenos Aires

This group of street performers annoyed me a little. Their music was good but a young performer was walking around demanding tips. He got quite aggressive when people didn´t want to tip and were swearing them in Spanish. I quickly put him in his place – in Spanish!

Street performers
A street performer in El Caminito,Buenos Aires

I also want to add to this category the ´informal´ street performers. On a weekend they can be found in parks in and around Buenos Aires. A couple of friends get together with their guitars and drums to enjoy an afternoon in the sun. But quickly more musicians join and before you know it a new ´band´ formed. They love to entertain the crowds and the people love them!

Street performers
Informal street performers in a park in Buenos Aires

Dancers: Buenos Aires is the Tango city. You will always find people performing the tango or other dances in and around the city. This is a great opportunity for younger dancers to practise and also for the older dancers to show off their skills. One of the many things I love about Buenos Aires!

Street performers
Tango dancers in El Caminito Buenos Aires
Street performers
Flamenco dancers in El Caminito in Buenos Aires.

Mimics are some of my favourite street performers. Some of them are really good and I am amazed to see for how long they can stand still in one place. I saw these mimics in Amsterdam. I think they were trying to be Roman soldiers.

Street performers
Street performers in Amsterdam.

Next time when a street performer stop you dead in your tracks, remember to give him a buck!

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  1. Hey this is great! Just the type of article I wanted to see. There are so many people travelling the world using their entertaining skills. I spoke to a guy in Edinburgh who had travelled 17 countries performing on the streets.

  2. Hi Jim, thank you! It was a nice topic and I was lucky to have photos to participate. Can you imagine travelling to 17 countries to perform? Wow that is amazing!

  3. OMG I love street performers…there was many a day I would go and hang out for a day In New York City just walking corner to corner just to watch and or listen to the diverse entertainment…it was more then entertainment it was amazing talent…Wow this really makes me miss home……As always…XOXOXOXOXO

  4. Wow. I can imagine how your senses would have responded to view these performances in the real. And, while walking down the street, it's wonderful to accidentally watch these performers. The day brightens and leaves us with a happy happy feel.Thanks Nelieta. I wish you have some links where we could have listened to these as well.Joy always,Susan

  5. Amazing Nelieta. Loved the pictures. I would be absolutely enthralled with it. We don't have too many performers on our streets any more.

  6. There is no mediocre photo in this set (well, in all sets in your blog, but these ones I particularly like). You've captured their art by making your own art, Nelieta. Brava!

  7. It is a wonderful and vibrant city. There are so many things to do but the stress and fast pace is getting me down at times. Now I prefer to go there for only 3 or 4 days and then I want to retreat to my world again. I have a post pending about the tango dancers and I am sure you will enjoy it 🙂 Thank you for the visit!

  8. Oh I am so glad i could bring back nice memories for you Bonnie! I would love to visit NY one must be such an amazing city to visit. Unfortunately the US is not making it easy for people to visit any more and travelling with a South African passport makes it even more difficult. I think I could spend weeks there just soaking up the life. A BIG hug and thanks for your lovely comment!

  9. It is not quite a carnival but it is very entertaining. We have a lot of fiestas and carnivals here especially after the Rio Carnival. They come back to Argentina with their costumes and entertain us who cannot go there 🙂

  10. It is a wonderful experience Susan. I love the vibrancy of the city! Unfortunately my camera doesn´t have a video clip function. But I have one post pending about the tango dancers and I will include one for you from Youtube. Have a blessed day!

  11. Very nice post. Street performers in Buenos Aires is a league on its own – all those wonderfully talented tango singers and dancers creating a unique atmosphere.

  12. Thank you Sophie! That is so true. The city is so vibrant and you always find a street performer entertaining the crowd. I love going to the parks over weekends. There are so many talented people hanging out there 🙂 Thanks for the visit!

  13. I think I have a few entries as well about buskers in Sydney, they never fail to stop me as they are quite entertaining. It seems like you have documented well the street performances with your pictures capturing. Great post Nelieta 🙂

  14. Claire you are more than welcome to link into this event. It will be great to read about the buskers in Sydney! I love to see the street performers when I am in Buenos Aires. They are very entertaining and it is free 🙂

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