Street Performers in Moscow and getting lost

It was our second last day in Moscow and we decided to spend the day in Red Square. One of our friends were looking for an old Soviet Union flag and we couldn’t find one in Kaliningrad. We knew we would be able to find one in the many open markets.

Red Square was unbelievable busy. People were enjoying the lovely summer weather and before we knew it, Andrey and I lost each other. I walked up and down but couldn`t find him. He always tells me to stay in one place and I did that for about 2 hours and then decided to go and look for him.

I knew he was looking for the flag so I decided to head into the direction of the markets. I must have walked in circles for almost an hour. I found many flags but no Andrey. By this time I got a little cheesed off but also felt a strange panic. What if we don`t find each other? When would be a good time to go up to the police, telling them that I am looking for my husband? I had no money on me, no cellphone and not even directions for the place where we were staying. Most of the information was stored on my computer, so how would they be able to help me?

In fact, the whole situation sounded so pathetic that I started to laugh. Maybe they would take me to a police station and offer me Vodka to pass the time. Now that didn`t sound like a bad idea. I could write a wonderful story about it!

As I walked through the markets I heard the sound of drums. Street performers were in action I thought to myself. The music that was playing was so beautiful and sounded like some of the traditional folklore music that I have heard before. In front of me was a stage and a man was banging on the drums. A small crowd started to gather in front of him and that is when I saw the man with the blue shirt.

I took my pocket camera out to record a movie clip of the moment. Next thing I saw him swaying his hips to the music and moving his arms. I am not sure if he was drunk or just in a very happy mood but he made me smile. A couple more moves and then he abruptly walked away and joined his friends. He did come back one more time but it looked like he lost interest in entertaining the crowds.

Talking about entertaining, the street entertainer was really good! I stood there for a while, enjoying the music and completely forgetting about finding Andrey. Good thing because I think he arms were very tired after banging that drum for about 30 minutes.

I got up and walked back towards the market. That`s when I saw him. I felt a wave of relief,knowing that I will not spend the night in Red Square or at a police station but safely in our apartment. Andrey didn`t look too worried, he knew he would find me eventually.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?

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  1. Oh, I hate losing someone in a crowd or strange place. I don’t think I would have taken it as calmly as you did, Nelieta. At least, you were entertained while waiting for Andrey.
    Loved the video, too!

  2. Scary experience, Neli. But as I’m reading this, I take the lessons of it – to make sure I always carry money, identification papers and a mobile phone with me when travelling to a strange place even if I’m with Jose.
    I guess the entertainment made up for the time Andrey went ‘missing’! 🙂 I’m quite fascinated by the drummer’s vehicle/ stand.

    1. Hi Corinne, yes it is important. Nowadays we tend to store all our information in other places and not on the person. I didn`t need money or my cellphone because I was with Andrey. Never did it cross my mind that I might loose him. It is quite an interesting stand, yes! I guess he is on the move all the time 😉

  3. It’s not a good feeling to lose someone, especially in a large place like you lost Audrey. I get annoyed and fidgety enough when I lose my husband in the grocery store! So glad it ended well and you kept your cool. The guy with the drums does look like he’s having a good time!

    1. Jessica, I had such a good laugh about losing your husband in the grocery store. Where we live the stores are very small and I just imagined losing Andrey there 🙂 Oh he did have a great time and I could see that he enjoyed himself 🙂 Thanks for the visit!

  4. i would have panicked if that happened to me! good thing there’s that drummer guy who kept you occupied. he’s really good and it seems like he’s enjoying what he’s doing! who wouldn’t get tired with all those moves he did? hehe 😀

  5. Once upon a time, many years ago, Randy and I attend what is called “Eugene Celebration”, it is a gathering of all the city people and many surrounding areas. Well this maid decided to drink that night, I had more than a few to many, Randy and I got in the one and only yelling matches we have ever had. I of course being the drunken idiot stalked off into the crownd, quickly losing my bearings…I was totally freaked out and scared, heightened I ‘m sure by the amount of alcohol I had consumed. I was running all over trying to call him and going down alleys ect. Stopping here and there to look in bars for my future husband and to listen to entertainment. Finally as I ran out of Celebration I turned around and there was Randy standing there. He had followed me the entire time to make sure I was safe, but refused to back down. When I saw him I started crying fiercely and ran into his warm welcoming arms. Oh did I mention it was pouring rain out. This was one of the reasons I never drank in public again and a prelude to quitting altogether. So the lesson for me was a harsh and scary one and also learned that my husband to be was a wonderfully loving and strong man.
    So that’s my story, sorry I wrote a book, but your experience just reminded me so of my own lost in a crowd experience I felt the need to share.
    I am so glad you found Audrey and remained safe…with entertainment. <3

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Getting lost is a horrible feeling. I remember one time I got lost in Cairo and I couldn`t find my way back to the Hotel. I felt scared and alone. Luckily this time I didn`t feel scared I just felt really stupid for not taking precautions. I am so happy you have found a loving,caring and supportive husband! That makes all the difference. Sending you hugs from across the miles!

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