Russian Syrok or СЫРОК – Dairy products

Syrok, СЫРОК,Serki,Russian Sweets,Russian Food,Russian Cheese;Russian Chocolate

Russian Syrok or СЫРОК is a cheese product covered in chocolate

There are a lot of Russian sweeties that I like but Syrok is by far my favorite.  How can I best describe this delicious treat? It looks and taste almost like a mini cheesecake. You normally find it in the yogurt sections of the supermarkets and they are made from sweetened white cheese and covered in a layer of chocolate.

Syrok, СЫРОК,Serki,Russian Sweets,Russian Food,Russian Cheese;Russian Chocolate
Our first day in Moscow and our first bite in 4 years!

I have often heard people saying that Cheese and Chocolate don`t go together but let me tell you – what a combination! I quickly got addicted to this sweetie and this was one of the first things that I bought when we arrived in Moscow. Unfortunately you cannot carry it with you and it needs to go in the fridge as it melts very quickly. If it was possible I would have brought back a lot with me to Argentina.

The word “Syr” in Russian means cheese but you will often find that the Syrok has caramel, strawberry,apricot or other flavors added with the cheese. I enjoyed a Syrok in Russia with a cup of coffee but my husband likes to eat it with traditional Russian yoghurt. They are so delicious and I was constantly drawn to the Syrok counter as I have a sweet tooth. I had to restrain myself!

Russian dairy products in the times of the soviet union

I read a blog where somebody said that in the times of the Soviet Union the Syrok was filled with a plain filling called “Tvorog”. The flavored fillings were not available in those days. Andrey disagreed and said that Syrok was not available in the times of the Soviet Union.

I cannot agree or disagree because I am not Russian but if it was available I can just imagine what the cheese must have tasted like. I remember the ice-cream that we were eating and how rich and creamy it was. People often comment that the cheese and cream were the best in the times of the Soviet Union.

If you are in Russia go over to the yogurt counter and look for the small packets that is called “Syrok”. Make sure you buy at least 5 because you will want to go back and buy more. Please let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear.


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