Drinking tap water in Thailand. Is it safe or not?

is it safe to drink tap water in thailand?

Is it safe or not to drink tap water when in Thailand? Thai commercials claim that it is safe to drink tap water. They assure people that the water that comes from the plant is safe for consumption but what they are not saying is that the plumbing along the way is not. I am always weary when it comes to drinking tap water when I travel so even though people say it is safe to drink it, I will stick to bottled water.

tap water in the hill tribe villages

In 2006 when I visited the hill tribe villages in Chiang Mai we didn`t have an option and had to drink the tap water. Luckily for us we were in rural areas and I am not sure if they even had plumbing!

Be rest assured that restaurants will offer you boiled water – which is safe. But be careful with ice cubes the source is questionable. If in doubt rather buy bottled water. It is not expensive and will prevent that you get sick on holiday.

Tap water in Thailand
To drink or not to drink?


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