Target Shooting at the Theme Park

Target shooting,Theme Park,Kaliningrad, Russia

Target Shooting at the Theme Park in Kaliningrad.

We had some time to kill before the rugby match and decided to take a walk through the theme park. I didn’t even know there was a theme park – or maybe I have seen it before but I just didn`t take notice. Anyway, it was a beautiful afternoon and as we walked through the park we heard children squealing with delight. They thoroughly enjoyed the rides and I curiously watched the moms holding their breaths.

The rides they had there were not in the teenager category, in fact I didn`t see any youngsters around. They were all on the `other` side of the park close to the kissing bridge. My camera caught a pretty young girl. She must have been 5 or 6. She saw the ice cream stand and quickly ran over there. It didn`t take her long to drag her mom over there.

To my shock the little princess, whom I snapped a few moments ago, turned into a little brat. She screamed and shouted because her mom got her a green ice cream and she wanted a pink one. The mom was not going to stand for this and she told her in no uncertain terms to eat the green ice cream. She stopped the wailing but she still sulked. Andrey and I couldn`t believe the quick change.

Who is taking home the prize?

As we turned the corner we saw target shooting. They had adorable teddy bears and I was sure my husband would shoot all 21 targets and let me take home the big bear. Andrey`s friend however was sure he would be winning the bear so both men got ready. Olga and I gave each other a knowing look and took place behind the men in our lives.

Target shooting,Theme Park,Kaliningrad, Russia
Who is taking home the prize?

The men took turns and did very well but as they advanced to the 3rd row, the targets became smaller and it was more difficult to concentrate. We applauded them and both ladies left with a key ring each. It was fun and we all had a good laugh about our key rings!

Where: Kaliningrad, Russia.
When: 30 June 2012

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  1. My sweet friend,
    First let me say you won’t see playing any rugby because I could get my hair messed up (LOL). Great pictures….hope you continue to have fun my dear. I personally miss seeing and hearing from you more often. Love will always make me wait (smile).

    1. Hi Dear Andy, I love rugby! I guess it is in my blood. South Africans grow up with rugby and we are huge supporters. The hair is a different story…lol! We are having a lot of fun but I am also starting to miss home, especially our animals. We have less than a month left and I hope to be seeing more before we leave Russia. Thank you for all your support,comments and encouragement. I really do appreciate it!

  2. Oooo everything looked like fun Nelieta! I haven’t tried target shooting 😛 I might shoot something else LOL…

    Ooo kids…I’m very grateful I could handle my little nieces 😛 but they are pretty spoiled 😛

    I haven’t seen a rugby match either …. oooo… I like what i read and see here. You had great experiences 😀

    1. Hi Melissa, yes it was! It was also nice to see the guys enjoying it. I didn`t even try..I might also be shooting something totally! Children can be a handful and I am sure you are doing very well by handling them. You are such a natural! I will post a blog about the rugby, it was such fun! It is amazing how simple things in life can be so enjoyable! Thank you for all your comments Melissa! I really appreciate it! I feel so guilty for neglecting your blog! Once I am back home, I will visit more often! Have a blessed day!

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