Taxis in Buenos Aires

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Taxis are easy to find in Buenos Aires. They are always close to bus stops, trains, bus terminals and tourist spots. You flag a taxi down by hand and they will stop to pick you up. If a taxi is occupied it will not stop.

Taxis are generally safe in Buenos Aires but there are always scams doing the round. For example the taxi will pick up a group of people and then try to charge you double the price because of the weight or under the pretence that it was in fact 2 trips. Always make sure that the meter is switched on when you leave. Sometimes they conveniently “forget” to switch it on and charge you any price.

taxi buenos aires,radio taxi buenos aires,taxis buenos aires,buenos aires taxi,buenos aires turismo
Black and yellow cabs in Buenos Aires.

In Argentina you will find 2 types of taxis. The normal black and yellow taxi in Buenos Aires with a sign on the roof or door that taxi”. The other type is what they call “Radio Taxi”.

How to find a Radio Taxi? When you stay at a hotel or hostel ask them to phone for a Radio Taxi. The price is fixed and you get quoted a fixed price from destination to destination. This is in particular handy if you are planning to travel a distance for example to the Airport. The only downside is that the condition of the car is not always guaranteed.

There is a special Government arrangement with Taxis before 10am. If you live outside the Capital Federal (city centre) for example Quilmes, there is a very cheap rate when you use the taxi service. In this case the taxi will pickup other people and you won’t have the taxi to yourself. They also drop you off close to the Metro but obviously they will not take you on a joyride through the city. This arrangement is mostly for people working in the Capital.

In some places in Argentina they are not called “Taxis” but “Remise”like here in the Cordoba province where we live.

A word of advice. Please make sure you have change with you. Taxi drivers will not accept a 100 peso note! They will keep the meter running while you are running around to find change!

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