Nicest Places to Explore on a Mediterranean Cruise

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The Best of the Med – Nicest Places to Explore on a Mediterranean Cruise.

If you’re keen to experience a vacation with a difference this year, a cruise around the Mediterranean could be the perfect option. With its array of fascinating cities and sights, this part of the world has long been a hit with holidaymakers. In fact, the Med is the second most popular cruise region in the world, after the Caribbean.

Roughly speaking, it’s divided into two areas, where cruises are concerned. The Western Mediterranean includes countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, while Eastern Mediterranean tours often cover the likes of Turkey, Greece and Croatia.

One of the things that makes Mediterranean cruise holidays so popular is the fact that this small corner of the world is home to an amazingly diverse range of landscapes, cultures, histories and cuisines.

Cruise holidays; Mediterranean Cruise; Europe Cruises; Sea Cruises; Inclusive Cruises;
Image used by Jorge Franganillo under Creative Commons license.

Your choice of departure points.

You can take your pick from a variety of departure points, meaning you shouldn’t struggle to find one that suits you. From the UK, options include Southampton, Dover and Tilbury. Meanwhile, other starting points include Palma de Majorca, Barcelona, Venice and Civitavecchia.

Popular stops.

The places you will call in at on your Mediterranean cruise will of course depend on the itinerary you choose. However, there are certain highlights that are particularly popular among savvy vacationers. The Tuscan port city of Livorno is popular and rewards those who make the effort to see it well. Offering some of the finest seafood on Italy’s west coast, it’s home to wonders such as the impressive Fortezza Nuova defenses and a picturesque canal-lined district called Nuova Venezia. Other attractions in this coastal spot include the city’s aquarium and the Mediterranean Natural History Museum.

Also in Italy lies Civitavecchia, the port of Rome. Most of those who stop here make a beeline straight for the country’s capital, but if you don’t fancy joining the hordes that travel to Rome, there’s plenty to keep you entertained in and around Civitavecchia. Just 12 miles from the ferry port you’ll find the walled town of Tarquinia, complete with its Necropoli.

Cruise holidays; Mediterranean Cruise; Europe Cruises; Sea Cruises; Inclusive Cruises;
The beautiful town of Tarquinia. Image used by Marc Barkowski under Creative Commons license.

Barcelona is another popular cruise stop. This alluring city boasts iconic architecture, including Gaudi’s fairytale-like creations of the Casa Batlló and Sagrada Família. You’re certainly not short of places to shop there, and the food and drink is world class.

Many itineraries also incorporate Corsica. This French island offers gorgeous beaches, unassuming villages, verdant forests, impressive mountains and much more. A great way to get an insight into Corsican culture, and to sample some delectable drinks, is to book a place on a wine tasting experience.

Cruise holidays; Mediterranean Cruise; Europe Cruises; Sea Cruises; Inclusive Cruises;
Image by Josef Grunig used under Creative Commons license.

Do your research.

Because the Med has so much to offer holidaymakers, it’s important that you do your research before you book a cruise. By finding out exactly what’s on offer in the various ports, you can rest assured you’ll experience the perfect trip.

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