The Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires

The Japanese Gardens or Jardin Japones in the Palermo district is one of the most beautiful places to explore in Buenos Aires. It is such a romantic place and Andrey took me there on my first visit to Argentina back in 2007. Walking through the gardens is like being in an oasis. The place oozes tranquillity and serenity. There are fountains, waterfalls, birds, flowers and the biggest Khoi fishes I have ever seen.

I have such fond memories of this place when love was blossoming and time was standing still.

This is one of the biggest Japanese Gardens in the world. It has such a beautiful history and I would like to share it with you. In 1967 the Japanese community residing in Argentina created these gardens as a token of gratitude. How beautiful is that? In 1977 the landscape artist Yasuo Inomata redesigned the Garden inspired on the Zen gardens that are generally located at the main entrance of temples.

The garden is huge almost 5 acres or 2 hectares. A man made lake takes up almost 70% of the garden as well as several bridges and isles. The main isle is The Gods island where you can reach through a curved bridge or the Good Venture Bridge.

The garden is not all about lakes, bridges and isles, no it also hosts more than 150 species of flora, most of them brought from Japan.

One of the main attractions are the Monument tot the Japanese Immigrant and the Peace Bell, which is used every year to celebrate the World Peace Day. You will also find an oriental food restaurant and a cultural place called the Tea House, where you can see exhibitions and shows related to the Japanese culture.

The humming and drumming of the traffic that you hear from time to time brings you back to reality and reminds you that you are in fact in Buenos Aires, a very busy city.

The park is open all year round.

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  1. I love taking tees trips through your blog.. Hope love is still in bloom and even stronger

  2. I loved hearing about the history of these beautiful gardens that are a place of solace, both for the person who seeks solitude and the couple or family who want a relaxing time, in a beautiful place, where their love has fertile soil in which to grow.A great post 🙂

  3. Hi Nelieta -Your photos remind me of a Japanese garden near my home. In fact, I wrote an early blog called "The Three Old Men of the Fox River Valley" that takes place on the forest preserve where the garden is. I have posted one picture of the flower tunnel from the garden on my blog. The arched bridge, the exotic fish, and lots of water remind me of the same Japanese garden I know. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Hi Charlie, you had me so curious so I went to your blog to have a look. When I saw the photos I immediately recognized it…I was there before..not in real life but as a visitor on your blog. A beautiful place indeed.This was my first visit ever to a Japanese Garden and I was so impressed! Would love to visit a Japanese Garden in Japan 🙂

  5. hi neilieta, there;s so much beauty, peace and serenity in a japanese garden.The first photo with the reflection of the bridge is stunning and of course your photo looks great too 🙂 so are the kois and photo # 4…well i guess i like them all

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