The London Eye Tourist Attraction in London

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The London Eye Tourist Attraction in London.

The London Eye is basically a “Big wheel” with hi-tech fully enclosed glass capsules, from where you have a magnificent view of central London. But don’t let my simple description fool you! It is in fact a beautiful, modern and admired symbol of the UK. It offers an amazing view of London.

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Beautiful architecture and view of London.

A view of all the major landmarks in London.

You can see the major landmarks like Big Ben, The House of Parlement and many other places. They say that on a clear day you can see for up to 40kms!!! Unfortunately when I visited London it was a dull and cloudy day but the view was still beautiful.

© Photographer: Saša Prijić | Agency:

Luckily I chose a not too busy day and managed to get my ticket after 25 minutes! I believe you can also book online. Interesting they call it “flights” but it is purely because it is sponsored by British Airways.

My “flight” lasted 30 minutes, 135m above the river Thames and an incredible view. More than 3 million people visit this popular tourst attraction every year. The down side – it is expensive. If you do visit Madame Tussauds buy the full package which includes the London Eye. I didn’t do it and subsequently paid more.

Tourists in the London eye cabin
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Where is the London Eye situated?

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-office”] Westminster Bridge Road, South Bank, London SE1 7PB.

Where to purchase Tickets?

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-phone-6″] 0870 500 0600.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-IE”] Official website:

 [v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-clock-4″] Monday – Sunday:  10am – 8pm.

Directions: Metro: Lambeth North (Bakerloo Line)


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