The “Old Town” – Warsaw, Poland.

Streets of Warsaw
The streets of Warsaw, Poland

I love beautiful old cities and Warsaw is definitely one of them! I fell in love with the older part of the city or the ´old town´ with it´s cobbled streets and eye-catching buildings. It is situated between Brzeze Gdanskie Street, Grodzka, Mostowa and Powale Street. Most of the major attractions are at the Market Square or Rynek Starego Miasta. As we were walking to the old town I immediately noticed how clean this city was. Not a single piece of  paper was lying around.

Restaurants in the old town of Warsaw
A Restaurant in Warsaw

Andrey and I spent many hours wandering the streets and taking photos. I found the architecture very interesting. Most of the city was destroyed during World War II and had been restored to their original state – from pictures!

People love to gather in the Old Town Market and here you can find many traditional Polish restaurants, cafes and shops. We bought delicious shwarmas that didn´t cost us an arm and a leg. I loved the vibe in the market. Many artists were performing or displaying their goods in the market square. There are many shops where you can browse for Lemax villages and decorations.

Artists in Warsaw Old Town

The architecture is amazing and places to see include the City Walls,The Barbican and St. John’s Cathedral. In fact there are so many places to see that I could easily spend a week in Warsaw!

Architecture in Warsaw Old Town

This part of town is mostly closed off for traffic and you can enjoy walks and picnics. We even saw a bicycles race there one evening.

Date visited: March and May 2008
Where: Warsaw, Poland 

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  1. Wow…I imagine this place and how it underwent transformation…It looks pretty cool to me along with the beautiful edifices built here 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Jim! This is one place that I would not mind to visit again. Such a beautiful and clean city. I loved the atmosphere, the food, the buildings, the history, the photo opportunities!

  3. OMG ..You started this post with a fantastic image .. really i m stunned by seeing the buildings and street .I guess i should add Poland to my dream list .K how did you find this place Nelieta ? through lonely planet and what type of accommodation you stayed ??

  4. Thanks Sheril, I also like the first photo! Warsaw is an amazing city. My husband is from Kaliningrad in Russia and we have to cross through Poland to get there. We flew from Argentina to Switzerland and then to Warsaw. We had 5 wonderful days in the city and stayed in a hostel called "Hostel Tamka".

  5. Both of my husband's parents were born and raised until they were teenagers and Poland and I have relatives from there as well. I'd love to visit it someday and we are planning on hopefully, in the next few years, taking a trip. Warsaw seems like a lovely and enchanting place to visit…we will have to try to make our way there if we ever get a chance!

  6. That is very interesting Jessica! I was wondering about your surname. Does your husband speak any Russian? I know that there is a big similarity between Russian and Polish. My husband spoke Russian and they could understand each other. Warsaw is a beautiful city and I hope you can make it there one day!

  7. Looks likes a beautiful magical city to explore on foot, no doubt there are many narrow alleyways to wander down while discovering the real Warsaw. I've never been to Poland but I'd love to in the future as your post makes it so appealing. Would like to sample some authentic Polish cuisine!! Great pics..thanks for sharing!!

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