Carlos the painter in Caminito Buenos Aires

Caminito,Buenos Aires Caminito,El Caminito

Carlos Sosa – The painter in Caminito, Buenos Aires.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw him in Caminito, the Tango district, in Buenos Aires. I quickly took a photo but he saw me and in that moment I felt ashamed. Maybe it is only me but when it comes to disabled people I am always cautious not to make them feel uncomfortable. Even worse they might be thinking that you are preying especially when you have a camera hanging around your neck.

Carlos the Painter
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Fact is, I was so impressed with his work and I couldn`t stop staring. Instead he called me over and still with the paintbrush in his mouth, started to talk. What caught my eye when I moved closer was a slogan painted on his canvas. In Spanish it reads:

Todo es posible y mas.

It means:

Everything is possible and more.

El Caminito,Buenos Aires Caminito,La Boca,Painters Buenos Aires
The Painter in Caminito,Buenos Aires

He asked me if I have read the words and then he added that with God everything is possible.This very talented painter paints with his mouth. His hands are disabled. A lump formed in my throat because in that moment I am not sure who was more blessed. Me with my hands being able to take photos or this man who uses his mouth to create extraordinary work.


Caminito,Buenos Aires Caminito,El Caminito
Creating extraordinary work – Carlos the Painter from Caminito

I told him that I will write an article about his work and mentioned that he is on Facebook. Before I left he told me his name again, Carlos. If you ever find yourself in Caminito go and talk to him. He is a very kind and talented man and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to exchange a couple of words with him.

Where: El Caminito,Buenos Aires,Argentina

When: 19 December 2012

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  1. Nel, these messages of inspiration are constantly being given to me today. First, it was at Corinne’s place and now at yours. The spirit of this artist is indeed excellent.


    Joy always,

    1. Hi Susan, si glad this this story had a deeper meaning for you too. I have to pop over to Corinne`s bloga and have a look. Maybe there is something for me too 🙂 Merry Christmas my friend and thank you for all your support and friendship during this year. Have a blessed day!

  2. I was surprised to see Fher’s surname there (Y mas 😉 I’m beaming with pride because God reveals Himself in all places through different people. Isn’t God just and great 😉 Without hands but with mouth ~ so creative. I’ve seen most of the works of foot and mouth painters and I am filled with awe.

    You’re so blessed to have met one through Carlos 🙂

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