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Turkey, Patara Beach, Blue Mosque, Travel Turkey, Bodrum Castle, Izmir Zoo

Most Amazing Tourist Destinations in Turkey.

When it comes to tourism and beautiful sites, Turkey’s position lies at the top of the league. Being strategically located in the heart of the middle-east, the geography of turkey along with its historical sites and wild life counts among the most lavish tourist destinations in the world. Though endowed with numerous places that one can stop by to have a view, there are those that stand out among the rest, and having knowledge on them is particularly important not to miss any of them once you have taken up a Turkish Visa to spend your holiday in Turkey.

Turkey, Patara Beach, Blue Mosque, Travel Turkey, Bodrum Castle, Izmir Zoo
Exotic travel destinations in Turkey.

Patara Beach.

Patara beach serves as the longest of sandy beaches stretches in the Mediterranean region and enjoys the spectacular company of the surrounding Roman and Lycian ruins together with massive sand dunes. In its natural setting, any visiting guest is bound to enjoy its astonishing serenity with only a small lone café being the building erected in its vicinity. A visit to this beach is also most probably going to earn you a view of the adjacent Patara village, the birth place of the legendary Santa Claus. The beach being part of a wildlife park also offers a gorgeous view of different kinds of birds together with free roaming animals. Being one of the few remaining nesting sites of the almost extinct turtles, the beach serves as one of the few points at which one capture a glimpse of the rare turtle. Its nearby swimming also provide best sport when it comes to swimming.

Bodrum Castle.

Being one of the best preserved monuments in the world, the castle is said to have been built in the fifteenth century and it’s almost a taboo, Located in Bodrum, the castles is endowed with fascinating collection of materials together with underwater archaeological artefacts. The castle houses the Bodrum museum in which a spectacular view of ancient collection deserves a second look. Its position that overlooks the international marina and a harbour are particularly spicy for those who love sightseeing since it guarantees a view of surrounding regions and the water with much ease and comfort. Several cultural festivals are hosted in this castle throughout the year, providing a window of possible entertainment by Turkish entertainers in the long run.

Turkey, Patara Beach, Blue Mosque, Travel Turkey, Bodrum Castle, Izmir Zoo;
Ancient monuments and buildings in Turkey.

Izmir zoo.

The zoo boasts of paying homage to more than twelve hundred different species of animals that range from marine life, birds and other endangered and rare species. The view of animals also provides one of the best photography scenes while on holiday. Well planned paths and other erected towers allow visitors to observe the animals and enjoy their behaviour in the natural settings without interrupting them, together with staying at safe distances from possible harm.

Blue Mosque.

Located in Istanbul, the giant ancient structure represents one of the best marvels of the old architectural practices that culminated from more than two centuries of development and planning. The ceiling of the mosque is interestingly high, lined with more than twenty thousand tiles arranged in different patterns that give it an amazing appearance. Built in 1609, the blue mosque also houses its founder’s tomb together with a prayers section, hence its regular use as a Mosque. Having a look at this particular structure is bound to leave you thrilled.

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