Unforgettable train journeys

Train Journeys; Trains Argentina; Trains Russia; Trian Journey Stories; Travelling by train

unforgettable train journeys

Over the years I have taken the train many times between Cordoba and Buenos Aires in Argentina. When you travel 18 hours with a group of strangers then you are bound to meet some interesting people. This makes train journeys unforgettable.

On my last train journey I went as far as to categorize people.

Train Journeys; Trains Argentina; Trains Russia; Trian Journey Stories; Travelling by train

The conversation seeker

You will not battle to find a person to make conversation with. How to identify the conversation seeker? This person will cut his/her telephone conversation short to publicly announce that his/her travel companion has arrived. In a matter of seconds you are upgraded from stranger to companion. Then all the personal questions start. Where are you from? What do you? What are you going to do? In a nutshell – this person wants to know your whole pedigree.

After politely answering questions for more than an hour, you discreetly plug the earphones in and start listening to music. They normally find somebody else to talk to.

The complainer

They like to complain about everything. I heard one woman complaining about the smell of the cleaning materials that they use to clean the train. In the same breath she admitted that the train was clean. This type of person always make me smile because they have to find something to complain about.

The snorer

The snorer is hard to escape. What better place than an overnight train? They seem to be unaware of the commotion that they are causing and are the only well-rested people the next morning.

The space invader

Train seats are not famous for their space. Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night with a head on your shoulder. Worse, when a strange bum appears on half of your seat.

The Musician

This is the man with his guitar, trumpet or drums. He wants to be famous but when you ask him he says he is a regular guy that likes to entertain the crowds.

Double personalities

You can be any person on a train journey. During the day you can work as a “X” but on train journeys you can become “Y”. You can pretend to be whoever you want – even Prince Charles. Not really but you get my drift.

When another woman heard that I am South African, she told me that her grandmother was South African. How interesting! Blond like me but the nose was different. The nose must have fascinated her because she told me that 2 children were born with the same South African nose.

Train journeys in russia

My husband always tells me that on train journeys in Russia you can literally pour your heart out to a stranger. Why? Because you will never see the person again. Luckily I didn`t pour my heart out to a stranger because imagine my surprise when I bumped into my train companion in Buenos Aires!

Train journeys are fun. Take it in your stride and the enjoy the company of interesting people.

Would you pour your heart out to a stranger on a train journey?

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