Vietnam Visa requirements and how to obtain a Visa?

Vietnam visa requirements; Vietnam Visa form; Applying for an online Vietnam Visa; Nelmitravel

Vietnam Visa requirements and are you eligible to enter without a Visa?

Do you need a Vietnam Visa? The answer is most likely, yes. The majority of travelers to Vietnam will need a Visa. There are exceptions of course. Citizens of several European countries are allowed to visit Vietnam for 14 days, without a visa. Southeast Asian citizens of several countries are allowed to stay for up to 30 days, without a visa.

If you travel with a United States, Australian or Canadian passport, you will need a visa – regardless of the length of stay. This rule applies to citizens of other countries as well.

A friend asked me to look into the process of applying for a Vietnam visa. She has not traveled a lot and had no idea where to apply.

Vietnam Visa application process.

A Vietnam visa for US citizens is required. The length of stay is not important.  Applying for a Visa can be daunting but in this case, it is not complicated. US citizens can obtain a Vietnam Visa on arrival. It is convenient, simple, fast and saves a lot of time. However, I need to stress that you cannot simply jump on a plane and apply for a visa on arrival. You have to get this done online before traveling. They will issue a visa approval letter before the time. On arrival at the airport, an official will process your Visa and stamp it into your passport.

The 5 approved International Airports in Vietnam:

  • Hanoi;
  • Hai Phong;
  • Da Nang;
  • Khanh Hoa;
  • Chi Minh City.

If you are concerned that the online procedure is not valid, please don’t be. A Government Authority is issuing the document – The Vietnam Immigration Department.

Vietnam visa requirements; Vietnam Visa form; Applying for an online Vietnam Visa; Nelmitravel
An example of a Vietnam Tourist Visa.

How does the online process work and what are the requirements?

The process to apply for a Vietnam Visa on arrival the above visa is easy. Use the online form to fill in all the required information:

  • Full name and Surname – as per your passport;
  • Date of birth;
  • Nationality;
  • Passport Number;
  • Date of arrival;
  • Type of Visa required.

Once all the information is complete and submitted, a Visa approval letter will arrive after 2 working days per email. Please double check that all the information given are correct before submitting the form.

A Vietnamese visa application form will arrive with the Visa Approval letter. What to do with both forms?

  • Print both the letter and application form;
  • Fill out the Vietnamese Visa application form;
  • You will need two passport photos – 4×6 cm;
  • A fee of 25 USD for a single entry visa (1 month and 3 months) and 50 USD for multiple entry visas (1 to 3 months);
  • Keep all the documents and cash in an envelope and present it to the Immigration Officer (Landing VISA (VOA) Counter) at one of the Vietnamese arrival airports.

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