Filming a movie on the beach

Filming a movie on the beach

I was walking along the beach, minding my own business, when I saw a commotion in front of me. Well, actually the story goes like this: I was walking along the beach, minding my own business, when a very bright light nearly blinded me. Ever curious, I stepped closer. What were they doing?

Then I saw the huge camera, covered by a protective plastic bag and the star attraction – a beautiful girl dressed in a tight fitting red swimsuit. When I say tight, I mean really tight! It looked like a scene from a Baywatch film. I had to take a couple of photos! I have never seen people filming a movie.

The filming crew were busy rehearsing a scene where the girl had to perform CPR on a young man lying on the beach. She was really beautiful! One of the crew people spotted me and signalled for me to get lost.

Filming a movie on the beach
Filming a movie on the beach in Pinamar,Argentina.

I pretended to oblige but sat down and took out my telephoto lens. Now I know why I love this lens so much! I took a couple of photos but a chair blocked my view and I couldn`t get too close.

After about 15 minutes I lost interest.If it was Tom Hanks, I might have stayed longer! I was very curious about the bathing suit. It looked like a second skin. Later that evening I looked at my photos and saw huge paper-clips at the back of her bathing suit. Then I understood. They use it to pull the bathing suit tight and wholla! You have a super-tight, jaw-dropping effect.

I am not sure if this is for an upcoming International Movie, TV-series or local production. Either way, I saw something that I haven`t seen before and it entertained me for a while.

Have you ever seen them shooting a movie?

Where: Pinamar,Argentina
Date: 24 March 2012

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  1. Wow, Nelieta! You got some stunning shots here! I’ve never actually stumbled upon people shooting a movie, although, here in Georgia, many films are shot. “Remember the Titans” was partly filmed at the middle school where I worked, the football stadium where I cheered in high school, and in a local neighborhood close to where I grew up. If you’ve never seen this film, I do recommend it! <3

    1. Thank you Martha! Luckily I could crop the chair in most of the photos 🙂 I have never seen the movie and thank you for recommending it! I will see if I can get hold of it! Then I can also get a glimpse into your world 🙂

  2. Hello Nelieta.
    Hmm…Baywatch revisited…lol. Now the secret of the skintight suit has been revealed. I bet the actor was quite happy to be resuscitated by her though! What an experience…you still managed to get some great shots! Thanks for sharing.

    >a href=””>Hand Of A Maiden

    1. Hi Andy, yes indeed! I bet he was..she is really beautiful! Luckily I managed to crop the chair with the pink towel from most of the photos. I would have liked to get clearer shots of the whole scene but these ones tell the story 🙂 Have a great week Andy!

  3. Now we get the inside story on the bathing suits!! Great pictures here, Nelieta. I live in Mumbai the heart of ‘Bollywood’ but still don’t get to see what you did!

    1. Hi Corinne, yes I was quite surprised to see how they do it! I would love to visit Mumbai one day…it must be an amazing experience! I have seen some shots from the new Mission Impossible movie that were filmed there…so many people but so colourful!

  4. How exciting Nelieta! I haven’t ever witnessed something like this, not even close. And I have to agree with you…if it had been Tom Hanks, or Mel Gibson I would have been a little harder to get rid of LOL

    1. Hi Mary, I guess I was just lucky to be able to see this. I can just imagine how exciting a big Hollywood shoot must be! Ooh…Tom Hanks is really good looking!

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