WatchBot – Peace of mind home security

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WatchBot – Peace of mind home security.

As a frequent traveller I am always concerned to leave my home unattended when I am off exploring the world. It is not easy to find a trust worthy person and people don´t always have the time to help. WatchBot is the perfect solution. The easy plug-and-play device offers me peace of mind when I am away from home- whether on a business or leisure trip.

holiday home security cameras, camera for holiday homes,watchbot,;
WatchBot home or business security camera.

WatchBot set-up and installation.

The device is very easy to set-up and only takes 20 minutes before you are up and running. WatchBot makes it easy for you to monitor your home, pets or business from a remote location.The application can be installed on your desktop, laptop or smart phone. I installed the application to my laptop and smart phone. This means when I am away from home I can log in to the application and see what is happening at home. If there is any unauthorized movement, an alarm will be triggered and I can immediately inform the police or alarm company to send somebody to my home. WatchBot has night vision capabilities, Micro SD card slot, two-way radio and crystal clear video. Footage can be recorded and stored on your SD card. 64 Cameras can be monitored simultaneously and multiple locations can be viewed around your home or business. WatchBot makes it possible for me to view my home and surroundings from anywhere in the world.

Opportunity to win a free Camera. is proud to announce that in conjunction with one of my readers has an opportunity to win one camera for free. Enter the raffle and maybe you will be the proud owner of  WatchBot home and business security camera. This opportunity ends on Sunday 13 July 2014.

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