Water parks and family fun

Water parks offer a fun-filled day for water enthusiasts of all ages. Often the adults are more excited to go down the water slides but you cannot blame them. Imagine the thrill going down a water slide after climbing 136 steps to the top.

Why are water parks so popular?

Recently I was invited to the birthday party of my friend`s son. He turned 7 and wanted to invite friends for a special birthday celebration. He wanted to go to an indoor water park. Like most moms she was concerned about the safety of the children. She decided to invite the parents and to have family fun Minneapolis. With the help of one of the professionals she quickly had everything sorted out for the birthday party, including food and decorations.

The indoor park did not disappoint. There is something for everyone of all skill levels. The boys loved the body slides. They traveled in tubes outside of the building going down 6 floors! What an adventure ride. They had some serious competition when the adults joined them. Some of the mothers decided to relax in the hot spring tubs.

The boys had a lot of energy and wanted to try the very popular Flowrider. It is a mixture between surfing and snowboarding. I decided to join a family on the Eagle`s nest family raft ride. It was so much fun!

There is so much to do. We did a treasure hunt trying to find the six bears that were located throughout the Water Park. I was amazed to hear that more than 300,000 gallons of water is used to fill the park. That is a lot of water!

It turned out my friend didn’t have to worry about the safety after all. Qualified and trained lifeguard staff were on duty and ready for any emergency. The birthday party was a huge success and the children enjoyed the food especially after all the fun in the water.

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