Water transport from the Baltiysk to the Vistula Spit

Baltiysk Water taxi Transport; Water taxi and ferry Baltiysk; Water transport Baltiysk;

Water transport options from the Baltiysk to the Vistula Spit.

Transport options to the Vistula spit is limited to water transport only. When visiting the Baltiysk in the Kaliningrad Oblast, you probably would like to visit the Vistula Spit as well. The Strait of Baltiysk is a strait, that enables passage from the Baltic Sea into the Vistula Lagoon. It separates the Sambian Peninsula and Vistula Spit. Cars can only cross by ferry.

We were in the Baltiysk and wanted to visit this part where you can see the ruins of hangers dating back to World War II. The best way to get there is either by water taxi or by ferry. The ferry takes longer and makes the trip every 2 hours. The water taxi is a lot quicker and runs every 5 to 10 minutes. The ferry service is free but the taxi service is run by local people and a small fee is charged.

Baltiysk Water taxi Transport; Water taxi and ferry Baltiysk; Water transport Baltiysk

  • Water taxi can take between 1 and 6 people.
  • We paid 50 Rubles in 2012 for a one-way trip.
  • Modern rubber duck.
  • No life jackets are available.
  • The Ferry is free and can transport cars as well.

Water transport is fun.

We decided to take the water taxi as it seemed to be a nice experience. Andrey has never been on a rubber duck before and wanted to give it a try. Getting in and out of the water taxi is quite challenging. There is no ladder or ramp. I definitely do not recommend it for elderly people. It was also difficult to get out and you have to watch your step.

Baltiysk Water taxi Transport

It is a modern rubber duck and makes the trip very quick. Unfortunately it is limited for space and can only take up to 6 people at a time. It can get pretty cold on the rubber duck especially when the wind is blowing. Speeding through the water was fun.

Baltiysk Water taxi

Time to try the ferry.

On our way back we decided to take the ferry. It is much bigger, less fun but slower. You have a better view of the ships, harbour and town. I enjoyed this too.

Baltiysk Water taxi Transport; Water taxi and ferry Baltiysk; Water transport Baltiysk;
Ferry Baltiysk.

Where to book water transport when in the Baltiysk.

You do not need to book before arrival. In fact there are also no ticket offices when you arrive in the Baltiysk. Go down to the water and you will see the rubber ducks. Ask one of the drivers. The ferry has a designated place and you can board when they are ready. There is a time table if I can remember correctly.

Important : It is important to keep in mind that the Baltiysk is an active military and navy base. With current developments in world politics it is advisable to check before the time if foreigners can visit this part. I managed to visit it in 2012 but my husband is Russian.

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  1. Vystula or as we call it here Baltyisk Spit is closed to foreign citizens. Keep that in mind. You can travel there, but still there’s a chance to get in trouble with the local authorities including military. In order to enter the zone with regulated visiting you can request a pass from the local FSB department.

    1. Hi Nick, thank you for the comment. Yes, I visited the Baltiysk with my husband in 2012. I had no problems getting in at that stage. However, due to the current political climate, I do not think foreigners will be allowed to visit this area. I was very fortunate in 2012 to have seen this beautiful part of the Kaliningrad Oblast.

  2. I think they never were allowed there without a pass due to military bases around. But no one really cared about that until recent years. Our friends and us were kindly asked by a stranger in the camouflage to leave on the next ferry several years ago.

    1. You are quite right Nick. My brother-in-law was in the navy and told us that I could take a chance and go with my husband, that is from Kaliningrad. He told me not to speak any English – which I didn’t. We were not asked for documents or anything. It was day of the Navy in 2012 and we went one day earlier to see the preparations. Many people told us that before 2012 they had to get special permission. We went and there were a lot of people. I think I went by unnoticed. When we were in Russia a couple of months ago we decided not to go back to the Baltiysk because I knew it would be complicated.

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