We missed our flight

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I am actually too embarrassed to even mention this publicly but sadly it happened: we missed our flight to Kaliningrad. This is the first time that I have EVER missed a flight.

airport tips,guides,fly,flying tips;missed flights

What went wrong?

We are still not sure. Last night we calculated how much time we needed and worked it out to the `T`. Can I blame it on Windows? It looks like the computer automatically changed the time on the computer and when Andrey looked at the time last night we had an hour difference.

Anyway not trying to find excuses…we missed our flight. We were still in time but they refused to let us through. The next 3 hours were a nightmare. The airline that we were supposed to be flying with were so rude, sending us from one place to another. It took Andrey so much time to find out if we can take the next flight but they stubbornly refused to help us. Eventually he got to another counter and this is what they had to say:

We are a budget Airline and you missed your flight..no refund! If you want to book a new flight you are welcome…if not we will give you discount on your next flight.”

I might as well have taken the money and flushed it down the toilet. Will we ever see the promised discount?

I have never seen such bad customer service on the part of an Airline. Andrey told me that this is Russia and that people just don`t care!

We urgently had to make alternative arrangements and now we will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to take a flight to Kaliningrad. We have no accommodation for the night and will be staying at the Airport until our flight leaves tomorrow night at 6pm. I guess we will be watching the airport cleaners with their absorbents cleaning the floors!

What a disaster!!!

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Did your Airline assist you?

Where: Moscow,Russia

When: 21 May 2012

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  1. My dear Nelieta,
    Everything seemed to be going so smoothly. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I can’t believe they refused to help you. How bad is that to not even try to offer you an alternative flight or at least some accommodation! Definitely puts a dampener on your trip. It’s easy to feel discouraged, but do not give up hope. Patience is the key. Just make the best of an awful situation and keep on smiling that beautiful smile. Take care.

    1. Hi Andy, yes it is so sad. We have been waiting at the airport all night and now we have a couple of hours before we will finally make our way to Kaliningrad..what a nightmare!

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