A burning BMW in Kaliningrad

We woke up in the middle of night. The wind was howling outside and a strange smell hung in the air. We closed the windows and went back to bed.

The next morning our friend Thomas, who was visiting from Germany, asked if we saw cars burning early this morning? A rubber smell was hanging in the air and I quickly grabbed my camera to see what he was pointing at. He said he woke up from the smell and knew something was burning. When he looked outside the window, he saw balls of flames and smoke.

Sure, through the view finder of my camera, I could see 2 cars and I immediately said: “The one looks like a BMW.”

A little while later we made our way past the cars to catch the bus. Children on bicycles were hanging around (taking a souvenir or two) and people stopped to have a look. I took some photos and we were discussing what could have happened?

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Jokingly I said:”Russian Mafia” but Andrey said it could have been the thunder. I was not convinced. I looked at the alloy wheels and the back of the car and said to Andrey:”This is a BMW X5!”. He didn`t believe me and I felt quite offended. It is not only men who like cars, I thought to myself.  I left it at that.

The older car was taken away the following day but the BMW, or what was left of it, was neatly wrapped in black plastic bags. It is still standing there as we speak.

A week later two articles appeared in the local newspapers. One claimed it was thunder and the other one claimed it was a political party that threatened a man and they set his car a light. It also confirmed that it was in fact a BMW X5.

Hmmmm…what to believe?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJe6v3N5WJo]

Where: Kaliningrad,Russia

When: 19 June 2012

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    1. Hi Irene, yes it was interesting but like you say also scary! If it was done on purpose then it is really bad but who knows? It could have been lightning because we have very bad storms here but like I say, I am speculating. Thank you for the visit!

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