Worldwide travel insurance for Expats

Travel Insurance; Expat Travel Insurance; Healthcare International; Worldwide Travel Insurance;

Worldwide comprehensive and flexible Travel Insurance for Expats.

We were required to submit proof of worldwide travel insurance with our Schengen Visa applications. I started to look in Argentina for a company that could help but the prices were ridiculous. It is fine if you are travelling for a week or two but when you need travel insurance for 87 days, that is when it becomes very expensive.

I spent a day on the Internet and submitted many online quotes, which resulted in a mountain of spammy emails later but couldn’t find anything that suited my budget. Eventually I decided to look outside of Argentina for Worldwide Travel Insurance and that’s when I found a company called, Health Care International. You can never be too careful when purchasing travel insurance and I made a point of reading reviews on the Internet and gathered as much information as possible.

Travel Insurance; Expat Travel Insurance; Healthcare International; Worldwide Travel Insurance;
Worldwide Travel Insurance for Emergencies.

How does it work and what is offered by Health Care International in terms of Worldwide Travel Insurance?

First of all it is important to establish if you need Travel Insurance or Medical Insurance. There is a difference. Travel Insurance covers you for unexpected incidents while you are travelling for example: Loss of a Passport, Travel Delay, Cancellation and Curtailment, Emergency Medical Treatment. The travel cover is valid for 90 days per trip. The policy commence when you leave the country where you reside in. For example, if I travel in Argentina, I will no be covered. I will only be covered when I travel outside of Argentina.

Medical insurance is comprehensive Medical insurance cover that is specifically designed for Expats – students, workers – for the country that you reside in.

We decided to purchase a family plan, which cost us 47 USD per year. That is a good price especially when you take into account what you are covered for.

What can you claim for under a Worldwide Travel Insurance plan?

The HealthCare International Plan covers you for Cancellation and Curtailment, Personal Accident, Medical Emergencies, Baggage and Personal Effects, Money and Documents, Travel Delay, Personal Liability, Legal Expenses, Winter Sports Equipment, Hire of Skis and Ski Packs if specifically selected and the additional premium has been paid.

They also pay for a Hospital Benefit, Loss of Passport, Missed Departure and Hijack that occurs outside of your home country.

Health care International issue a standard letter for Consulates to confirm that you indeed have travel insurance. This is an optional extra and cost 30 USD.

They have different Worldwide Travel insurance plans that can be chosen from and one to suit your needs and budget.

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