Yayoi sushi restaurant in the Coliceum

Yayoi sushi restaurant in Surat-Thani – Thailand

Sushi at the Coliceum? That sounds a little strange. Indeed, we did have Sushi at the Coliceum but not in Italy. We went to a lovely Japanese restaurant in Surat Thani,Thailand,called Yayoi. How does the Coliceum fit into all of this? Yayoi is situated in a building called The Coliceum. The Tai people spell it a little different but they pronounce it the same.

It is a `girlie` restaurant. It is decorated in various shades of pink and has flower art on the walls. Not that it means it is for women only. It just reminded me of a place where girl friends could hang out.

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sushi on the menu

I was dying for sushi. It is very difficult to find fresh fish where we live in Argentina. We do have the normal hake fillets and trout but they are either iced up or very expensive. We don`t have a Sushi restaurant in our town and have to go to the city. My husband doesn`t like the idea of raw fish and he would rather visit a steak house.

It reminds me of the time when I was working in the Corporate World. My boss loved Sushi and often suggested that we have management meetings at one of his favorite restaurants in Bedfordview called “Jungle”. I loved sushi from the word “Go” but sadly two of my colleagues couldn`t stomach raw fish and they suffered a lot during these meetings. Maybe it was some sort of punishment for them!

When we walked through the night marked close to the Thairungruang Hotel we saw a woman who was selling corn. I wanted to buy one from her but she charged 120 Baht, which I thought was ridiculous. That proved my statement when I saw the prices in the restaurant. A box filled with a lot of goodies cost 159 Baht. I couldn`t eat it all. The food was really good.

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Will I recommend this restaurant to other travellers? For sure! The food was excellent, well priced, the waiter very friendly and the atmosphere great. If you are in Surat Thani and you feel like sushi go to Yayoi Restaurant in the Coliceum. You will not be disappointed.

Where: Yayoi Restaurant in the Colicuem Building,Surat Thani,Thailand.

When: 13 March 2013.

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